Scafom-rux Systems Support Refurbishment Works

Scafom-rux Systems Support Refurbishment Works

At Old Colliery, A Significant World Heritage Site

The prestigious title “World Heritage Site” protects the world’s cultural and natural heritage — including historic monuments of exceptional significance — for the whole of mankind, resisting the generally abrasive march of time.

This is certainly the case with the old Zeche Zollverein mine and plant, the pride and joy of the town of Essen, Germany. The Coal Tower 2 of the coking plant of the colliery was recently part of an urgent renovation initiative.

The mine is indeed something quite special. It is so called because the German Customs Union was established in the same year (1834) as the first shaft was successfully sunk into a very productive layer of coal by Franz Haniel, the patriarch of the famous industrial family.

The mine was considered to be the finest colliery in the world for many years. The architectural and technical achievements of Zeche Zollverein paved the way for the sombre, functional construction of industrial structures. The mighty winding towers erected in 1930, over Shaft XII, achieved a daily output of 12,000 tons of coal, representing represented the entire output of the colliery in that year.

The preservation measures at the site are indeed sophisticated. The brickwork of the post and beam construction needed to be removed to allow the steel girders to be sustainably refurbished. The reconstruction of the facade was another huge challenge.

The Zollverein Foundation commissioned the Dorsten-based company Lange Gerüstbau Dienstleistungen GmbH with the planning and assembly of the scaffolding structure. Accordingly, Olaf Brünglinghaus, the operations manager responsible, chose the facade scaffolding system SUPER 100 as ideal for the task.

The 1m wide scaffolding by Scafom-rux from Hagen complemented an emergency stairway tower from the manufacturer. Lange Gerüstbau deployed 1,800 m² of the modern facade scaffolding.Five professional fitters achieved the six deadline to erect the scaffolding on all four facades and assembled the additional stairway tower. Of course, modern lifts as well as truck-mounted forklifts were in action.

When asked about the specific challenges that would have to be considered in erecting the scaffolding, Olaf Brünglinghaus mentioned the need to support the ceiling of the hot alley of the coal tower with heavy-duty lattice girders due to its lack of load-bearing capacity. The loads were then to be distributed to the lower chords of the lattice girders. The deployment of the emergency stairway tower was also praised since this makes work very much more convenient over a longer period. Every point could be reached by the fitters/employees of the refurbishment company conveniently, quickly and safely. Additionally, the scaffolding dimension of 1m meant there was always sufficient space available for every type of job.