Super 65 Scaffolding Technology

Super 65 Scaffolding Technology

Innovative Scaffolding Systems By Scafom-rux Meet Optimum Standards Demanded By Refurbishment Of Castle Neuschwanstein

The complex and indented outer facade — refurbished in four building phases — was finished “just like new” in the fourth and final stage which focussed on the north and west facades of the main palace structure. All work came under the rigorous review of state building authorities in Kempten.

A precondition for refurbishment and indeed all subsequent trades — whether for the roof or façade — was for a secure and sturdy system of integrated, modern scaffolding…in this case, provided by the Thuringia-based scaffolding company, Bau- und Spezialgerüstbau (BSB).

Given the rugged local terrain, BSB was able to deliver the required material in a conventional manner to a staging area 800 metres below the castle. From here, it was unloaded and transported to where it was actually needed, on board small transporters and handling equipment. It should also be noted that the scaffolding was then erected a long way away from the actual building site. This meant a final stage of the material transportation up the slope before the semi assembled scaffolding could finally be vertically fitted. The high number of visitors, traipsing through the site — even by early morning — was something of a problem, quickly resolved by a purpose-built tunnel measuring 81m in length and 2m width.

Overall, the facade area needed about 4,400m2.Some double or triple scaffolding sections sometimes had to be erected and eventually approximately 7,000m2 of scaffolding was installed.

BSB once more relied on the proven Super 65 scaffolding technology from Scafom-rux. Structural additions came from the company’s modular system and used in combination with RUX-Super 65.To protect the facade during the winter months against snow and other weather conditions, the entire scaffolding was provided with a protective net to enable the masonry work to continued unimpeded. A snow protecting roof was mounted on the uppermost level of the scaffolding to divert any sliding snow masses and to avoid any damage to or create additional high loads on the scaffolding.

Obviously, even old fairy tale castles benefit enormously by the intelligent application of Smart Details, Great Solutions strategies in modern scaffolding systems.