Bridge or Tunnel? Why Not Make That Both?

Bridge or Tunnel? Why Not Make That Both?

One Of The Largest Civil Engineering Projects In The World Today

Once such mammoth project is Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao 38km long bridge tunnel combination linking the southwest of Hong Kong — traversing the Pearl River delta — with the former Portuguese territory of Macao. Vehicular traffic will initially be routed from the shorelines across bridges to two artificial islands which will be linked with one another by a 5.5 km long motorway tunnel running beneath major shipping lanes. The current ferry crossing takes four hours. When complete, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge tunnel link will cut the trip to just one hour.

It is one of the largest civil engineering projects in the world today and when fully integrated into one of the largest manufacturing complexes operating in the world today, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge tunnel system will have a long term and major impact on the economic life of the region. First mooted in the 1980s, it became a reality in 2009. More recently, it means a lot of scaffolding systems.

plan the scaffolding systems forthe bridge pillars.Not surprisingly, this was not just simply a case of fitting 220 tons of RINGSCAFF but also ensuring that the structures were optimally secured and anchored to withstand the typhoons quite common in this part of the world.

Moreover, all the material needed to be transported to the transhipment point along roads of limited capacity and then shipped to the actual off-shore sites by barge and tug. Time and tide waits for no man, so precise and meticulous planning by engineers and logistic experts from the Scafom-rux group was absolutely essential, reducing imponderables and uncertainties to miniscule minimums.

Thanks to the simple and secure assembly of the RINGSCAFF system — site manager Andrew Manser speaks with respect and affection for its “plug-and-play” characteristics — the assembly work happened quickly, smoothly and with little training effort.