Scafom-rux innovation for urban redevelopment

Scafom-rux innovation for urban redevelopment

Scafom-rux Innovation An Important Feature In Urban Redevelopment: Hamburg Demolishes WW2 Bunkers Behind Protective Walls

There are many different bunker types, all built to withstand the full blast of modern conflict. Now, long after Cold War fear has faded from most radar screens, it has been decided that, once and for all, bunkers big and small are be demolished.

Reshaping the built environment on such a scale is easier said than done. It’s a massive task and not without considerable risk, particularly to surrounding locations and local residents.

The contract for demolition was awarded to WIWA Wilko Wagner GmbH, with the stipulation that the still sturdy bunkers had to be demolished immediately one after the other, with particular attention to respect resident safety and noise abatement.

For the demolition Wilko Wagner worked with the Alster Gerüstbau company, programming complete enclosure of the bunker while paying precise attention to prevailing local conditions.

Teams of experienced, professional fitters assembled a support scaffold for the protective system, employing some 3,600m² of RUX Super 65 as a protective encasement — Scaffguard from Scafom-rux — effectively covered 2,400 m² of the old structure’s facade. This well proven system was anchored securely to the bunker wall and supplemented by 0.65m consoles in the upper levels.

The decision to use Scaffguard was made easy by three influential factors:

  1. Inherent stability of the system also guaranteed protection of people and urban facilities against flying debris typical of all demolition work;
  2. Prevention of dust leakage;
  3. Noise abatement (required by tendering authorities) of up to 20dB was achievable.

As it happened, not even a violent low pressure storm over most of north Germany — packing winds gusting up to 150kph — disturbed the scaffolding or the four month timeline of this impressive demolition project.