Construction site credentials: Impressive long-term projects for international clients and local, regional and national clients. More and more clients are working with Scafom-rux. The company is justifiably proud of this proven track record because we make it appoint to go beyond what is expected with a proactive approach that spotlights the large of small project’s safe and efficient development. Customers appreciate our involvement at the highest level.

Scafom-rux playing a major role at the highest levels. Please check here for a selection of project reference credentials:

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Schloss-Neuschwanstein-Luftbild-Nr.-2927-Vorschau-Bild-29.11.2011 1

Refurbishment of Castle Neuschwanstein

Iconic “Castle of the Fairytale King” located in rugged alpine terrain successfully refurbished through the help of Super 65 scaffolding systems from Scafom-rux.

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Scafom-rux Ringscaff Employed At Delta Works

Scafom-rux systems employed in massive 8 year maintenance programme of Delta Works dams, sluices, locks, and storm surge barriers that protect low-lying Zeeland, Netherlands.

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Ringscaff connecting Hong Kong to Macao

One of the largest civil engineering projects in the world today. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge tunnel system 38km long built with the help of Ringscaff system.

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Ringscaff chosen system in offshore platform sections

Lindner Brasausky choses Ringscaff for the Scaffolding of various sections of the offshore Wind Farm Platforms Sylwin Alpha in the Wismar and Warnemünde shipyards

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Blast Furnaces Assisted by Scafom-rux Systems

Placing the sciences at the very heart of the future, old iron and steel blast furnaces are re-invented as symbols for the value of education at new Science Centre

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Refurbishment Works at world heritage site

Scafom-rux Stairtower and Facade Scaffolding System Super 100 Supports Refurbishment Works at the prestigious World Heritage Site in Essen

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