Ring Power System

Ring Power System

RPS-100 Combines best of both worlds: Traditional Strength and Exceptional Technical Performance.

RPS-100 offers numerous key benefits in a wide range of demanding applications. Clever design combines optimum strength with proven lost formwork and shoring capabilities, even in the toughest applications.

Rosette system with the muscularity of shoring capabilities

RPS-blauw-detail 2

Application Shoring
Load bearing capacity High safe working loads up to 100kN per leg
Steel quality Standards and ledgers produced from high grade steel

Every component of the RPS-100 system is designed and fabricated to carry heavy loads. Each leg offers high and safe working loads up to 100kN. System standards and rosettes are manufactured from wider than usual diameters from supremely strong and durable high grade, quality steel.

Scafom-rux engineers have combined the excellent handling characteristics of the orthodox rosette system with their own vision of innovative, tested and proven shoring systems. Download leaflet. Ordinarily, additional strength is usually accompanied by significant weight increase. This is not the case with RPS-100, largely because of lightweight ledgers incorporated into the design. Rigidity, stability and shoring integrity are never in any way compromised.

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Product features:

  1. Minimum number of components required
  2. High safe working loads
  3. Fully systemised for ease of erection
  4. Simple and efficient interconnection of standards, ledgers and braces
  5. Variety of ledger-sizes create different grid sizes to maximise leg load capacity
  6. System diagonals for accurate erection and bracing
  7. Components hot dip galvanised for durability
  8. Easy of handling for stacking, storage, transportation and assembly.

Scafom-rux Quality Is Fully Certified

Safety first is always the rule and this is why Scafom-rux tests and checks the quality of all products at all stages of the design-, production- and usability process. High quality standards are achieved by testing, checking and certifying to widely renowned and recognised international quality standards.

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