Support with telescopic and push-pull props

Support with telescopic and push-pull props

For more than 30 years they have been a trusted choice for use in residential, commercial and utility construction as well as industrial applications. Their long service life also makes Scafom-rux® telescopic and push-pull props a financially safe investment.

The system of internal benchmark checks at Scafom-rux reconfirms optimum quality and safety. This is further reinforced by compliance with certification from renowned independent authorities. The highest possible safety standards can be sustained by Scafom-rux.

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Product standard EN 1065 Defined dimensional and geometric tolerances + Defined tube and material types to be used
Long lifetime-built to last Adjusting nut and insert pin galvanically zinc-plated + Robust end plates + Self-cleaning thread
Galvanised Hot-dip galvanised, also on the inside (acc. EN ISO 1461 ), for optimal protection against corrosion
Ergonomic Ergonomic insert pin, Easy-to-turn adjusting nut + Excellent prop weight/load capacity ratio
Safe Safe working conditions thanks to hand and drop-out protection to provide workers from trapping hands
Customized for a high recognition value, uniform appearance and a good advertising effect; Adjusting nut in desired RAL colour, Customer name stamped in handle, Sticker with company name

Internationally certified

  1. BM - telescopic steel prop - ABOMA certification
  2. AN - telescopic steel prop EN 1065, class B / MPA Munich
  3. SG - telescopic steel prop , class C / MPA Munich
  4. EP20 - telescopic steel prop , class D / MPA Munich
  5. EP30 - telescopic steel prop , class E / MPA Munich

For more information of Scafom-rux wide range of load and length versions download the Props brochure in Download center

Smart Solutions for Props

Scafom-rux Tripods are a popular and essential assembly aid, designed for positioning props accurately, and keeping props true to upright and vertical perspectives. Scafom-rux Tripods are tough and strong. They can be used to perfectly position props ranging from 48 up to 89mm diameter. Download leaflet.

Scafom-rux Quality Is Fully Certified

Safety first is always the rule and this is why Scafom-rux tests and checks the quality of all products at all stages of the design-, production- and usability process. High quality standards are achieved by testing, checking and certifying to widely renowned and recognised international quality standards.

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