The construction of roads, viaducts, bridge columns — and suspended floors in car parks and apartment complexes — requires strong, reliable and stable shoring systems. Proven Scafom-rux products combine strength with efficiency and ease of use in virtually every conceivable solution…from the classic BM push-pull prop to the advanced Ring Power System (RPS100).

Tried, tested and proven, Scafom-rux shoring systems are always the right solution:

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Scafom-rux® props contain a wide range of load and length versions, supporting virtually every construction project literally and figuratively.

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RPS 100

Ring Power System (RPS-100) combines the strengths of the modular rosette system with the muscularity of proven falsework/shoring capabilities

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Lightweight shoring system requires minimum components providing real time benefits in terms of economic and workability factors.

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An efficient combination of a modular scaffolding system and shoring system that provides tremendous load capacity and stability

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Scafom-rux Power System (SPS) is a robust and tough heavy duty shoring system capable of safe working loads up to 30 tons per standard.

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The modular lightweight Beam System can built virtually any form of shuttering construction in a single and very smooth operation.

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Scafom-rux Quality Is Fully Certified

Safety first is always the rule and this is why Scafom-rux tests and checks the quality of all products at all stages of the design-, production- and usability process. High quality standards are achieved by testing, checking and certifying to widely renowned and recognised international quality standards.

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