Façade scaffolding system

Façade scaffolding system

Scafom-rux professional scaffolding systems offers FRAMESCAFF®. It is aligned to 7 dimensions and is compatible with the most frequently used facade scaffolding. The company also stock equivalent metric systems. In the final analysis, fewer basic elements combined with a simple, self-aligning assembly process, each and every time ensure efficient performance with the FRAMESCAFF® system.

Specifications framescaff

Framescaff-blauw 1

Application Facade scaffolding, industrial scaffolding, weatherproofing solutions
Dimensions Standard frame width 0.73m, Standard frame height 2.00m
Approval Approval Certificate.........No. Z-8.1-924 Intermixing Approval...... No. Z-8.1-924
Load bearing capacity Maximum floor loading up to 6 kN/m2

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Basic components:

  1. Base jack;
  2. Frame base plate;
  3. Frame;
  4. Diagonal;
  5. Floorboards (aluminium with U-support);
  6. Ledger;
  7. Length side board;
  8. Longitudinal toeboard;
  9. End toeboard

Product Features

  1. Self-aligning assembly
  2. Low product weight
  3. Field length up to 4m
  4. Compatible with other commonly used façade scaffolding systems
  5. Decks secured against lifting
  6. Wide range of accessories
  7. Easy handling - productivity increase
    • + 40% compared to modular scaffolds
    • + 130% compared to traditional tube and fittings

Unlimited possibilities

In addition to basic components, there is also an extensive range of clever, convenient and very well-designed, special partner accessories. These make FRAMESCAFF® adaptable and flexible for use in all kinds of situations.

Scafom-rux Quality Is Fully Certified

Safety first is always the rule and this is why Scafom-rux tests and checks the quality of all products at all stages of the design-, production- and usability process. High quality standards are achieved by testing, checking and certifying to widely renowned and recognised international quality standards.

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