Smart accessories for great solutions

Smart accessories for great solutions

A coupler, a lattice girder, an anchor - or even an entire scaffolding structure out of tubes and couplers - are just a few of the small accessories and indispensable helpers that convert ideas on a worksite into clever time and cost saving solutions. Talk to Scafom-rux about their comprehensive, system approach to professional scaffolding, formwork and solutions…there’s nearly always a small, simple solution to most big problems.

Also included in the Assortment Accessories:

Safety technology:

  • PSA Revolution R2, personal protective equipment against falling enabling safe and convenient work.
  • IKAR height safety device for freedom of movement and safety


  • Scaffmax: The high-performance, super-simple graphics tool – this makes every scaffolder a CAD professional

Tubes, couplers, stacking pallets, scaffolding accessories, props, bridging articles, ladders, industrial decking, logistic articles, safety articles, anchorage material, tools, construction site safety products, .......just download the Product Assortment "Accessories" in the Download center to discover more smart solutions!

HPG Improved Performance Benefits, Prolonged Service Life

High Performance Galvanisation (HPG), is a new and tough galvanisation development designed to give Scafom-rux systems, components and accessories superior material performance characteristics and significantly improved product life spans. Download product leaflet

Forged Girder Coupler P52

Girder couplers are used to attach 48mm scaffolding tubes to girders/beams (e.g. IPE, HE-A etc.) at 90° angles. They are tough because they are forged and hot dip galvanised, delivering exceptional levels of technical performance, strength and reliability. Download product leaflet

Forged Eyebolt Coupler Durability & Reliability

Quality couplers are an essential component for every scaffolding system. They provide essential rigidity and security. Scafom-rux Couplers are made to quality EN, BS and international standards. Systematic, consistent quality control ensures that all Scafom-rux fittings and accessories deliver their promise of performance. Download product leaflet

Forged Wedge Coupler

Indeed, all Scafom-rux scaffold clamps are manufactured to widely recognised European Standards, for example BS1139/ EN74. Thanks to its design and superior technical performance, it adequately meets all requirements of Class B EN74 specification. Download leaflet.

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Girder Coupler

Scafom-rux Quality Is Fully Certified

Safety first is always the rule and this is why Scafom-rux tests and checks the quality of all products at all stages of the design-, production- and usability process. High quality standards are achieved by testing, checking and certifying to widely renowned and recognised international quality standards.

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