Optimal construction site protection in a cool look

Few components, simple modification, system-free. That’s the way facade enclosure systems are today!

Dust, dirt and noise must be contained! Instead of working with prefabricated, rigid special parts, which always have to be stored in the appropriate scaffold bay lengths, Scaffguard only needs a few, easy-to-handle standard components which can be easily modified and adapted to the most various application requirements.


Smart Details Great Solutions

  • Effective separation of the working area
  • Dust and dirt emissions are prevented
  • Noise reduction
  • Unauthorised entry to the building site impeded

Product Features

  • Lightweight components
  • High resilience
  • System-independent
  • Applicable for any bay length
  • Simple-to-modify wall panel elements
  • Various material options
  • Simple assembly with few components


Few basic components

  1. Wall panel - transparent
  2. Aluminium rail
  3. Door element
  4. Wall panel - opal white
  5. H-profile
  6. Coupler
  7. Sheet encasement
  8. Wall panel - wood
  9. Corner profile


horizontal wind loads

up to 1.1 kN/m² (rated value). This corresponds to the wind loads recognized in the standard configuration of a scaffolding system pursuant to EN 12811.

plastic panels

Colourless hollow chamber design, lightweight, easy to handle


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