The heavy-duty roof system

Wheather protection can be that easy. Integrating MULTI-ROOF modules into most structural designs means that roofs with 40m span widths can now be realised…easily and conveniently, as well as time and cost effective. MULTI-ROOF offers positive attributes and multiple areas of application.


MULTI-ROOF consists of components from the RINGSCAFF modular scaffold system, with all resulting compatibility options. Diagonal braces and ledgers fit just as well into the standard range as the cassette elements which are already part of the users’ inventory, and here too, compatibility with elements from a great variety of suppliers has been considered.

Metric as well as 07 cassettes can be used. The self-aligning attributes of a modular scaffold are carried over into the assembly of the roof elements. With additional keder rails, MULTI-ROOF can be used either as an alternative to or combined with keder tarpaulins. Whenever necessary, a structure of cassette elements alternating with keder tarpaulins can easily be assembled.

The core element of the roof system is the symmetrical K-beam. All connections of the roof are effected via RINGSCAFF wedge couplings. K-beams are fastened with four screws via connecting plates used as belt fasteners and thus enable maximum exploitation of the advantages of a modular system.

Tilting or eccentricity of the connected elements is thus prevented. Thanks to beams available in lengths of 6m, 3m and 2m, pent roofs and gabled roofs of any desired span width up to the maximum value are possible.


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