Scaffold ladder platform

Simple and secure access to scaffolds with ladder platforms

Aluminium and plywood ladder platforms in various systems, sizes and configurations. Easy, simple access to the scaffold. The ladder is secured with a latch under the platform. Convenient transportation. Ladder platforms smaller than 2,57m are delivered with a separate ladder. The cover opens only to 85°. When open it has to be pushed and held.


Ladder for scaffold access
Fabricated from Ø48.3mm tube for easy integration with the scaffold system, via standard couplers. Ladders interconnected by means of spigots and bolts. Individual configuration can be extended/expanded with gates and guardrails for additional safety.

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Loading capacity

Class 3 (2 kN/m2).

Sizes platforms (o)

Width 0,61m and 0,64m - length up to 3.07m and 3.00m

Size platforms (U)

Width 0,61m - length 1.57m up to 3.07m

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