Shoring system SBS-135

Modular lightweight beam system

At the heart of SBS-135 is the highly durable DURALOK scaffolding and shoring system with cuplock connection. The easy workability of this unique connector contributes high levels of installation efficiency, thanks to the design of SBS-135 which easily handles the maximum 60kN loads that DURALOK standards usually support.


Flexible, complete, convenient, diverse formwork-beam system from integrated lightweight components.

Its primary supports — optimised double steel U-profiles — have fitting holes along their entire length. In this way, utilising various lightweight components from Scafom-rux, any form of shuttering construction can be built in a single and very smooth operation.

Lightweight steel I-beams function as secondary supports. When positioned correctly, robust form decking is then secured on top. Typical of the easy versatility of SBS-135, scaffolding with H20 timber supports can also be installed.

Another clear advantage of SBS-135 is that separate segments of the shuttering system can be assembled on the ground. These so-called “prefab constructions” elements can then be placed in position by crane.

Product features SBS-135:

  • Modular and flexible
  • Optimal combination with widely accepted DURALOK scaffolding and shoring system
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Lightweight components
  • Can be erected as a prefab construction and placed in position by a crane, resulting in short changeover and less down time
  • Solidly made system with fewer components susceptible to normal wear and tear
  • Durable thanks to hot-dip galvanised steel and robust components

Exceptionally strong build quality and long life durability are key features of the SBS-135 shoring system.

The SBS-135 shoring system offers an easy structural and business fit of lightweight, integrated components that create optimum safety and other efficiencies for professional and better on-site project management.

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High-quality and hot-dip galvanised steel

Unique connector

Duralok scaffolding and shoring system with cuplock connection

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