RINGSCAFF stair towers

Construction sites and scaffolding constructions must be easy and safe to access. Various Scafom-rux scaffolding and shoring systems make this happen because they are smart solutions in the form of simple, sturdy ladders and robust trapdoors to convenient stair towers, platform staircases and emergency stairs. They also offer high load capacities that cope easily with high traffic flows.

Safe and sure, go up and down stairs with these solutions:

Enter and leave your workplace with our scaffolding stairs and ladders

Ladder platform

Aluminium and plywood ladder platforms for various systems, loading capacity: 2kN/m2

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Platform staircase

Aluminium platform staircase, loading capacity: 2kN/m2 RINGSCAFF

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Welded steel stair

Lightweight steel stair solution, loading capacity of 2kN/m2 DURALOK

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Demountable staircase

Lightweight steel stair solution loading capacity of 2kN/m2 DURALOK

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Configured as 4, 8 or 10 legs steel stair tower, height up to 60 m RINGSCAFF

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Public access stair

Emergency access steel stair, load capacity of 7.5kN/m2 RINGSCAFF

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