RINGSCAFF modular scaffold

Modular scaffold system RINGSCAFF

Almost everything is possible with the RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding system. With its durable components and flexible configurations, RINGSCAFF offers unmatched versatility and safety for a wide range of construction and industry projects.

RINGSCAFF comes with the benefits of a ringlock modular scaffold, including quick assembly, high load-bearing capacity, and adaptability to various work environments. On top of that, it implements international standards in safety, durability, and functionality - a fact that has been audited and certified by various experts and institutions.

Whether you want to use RINGSCAFF as a working platform, bridging solution or support structure is up to you and your application.  With just a few additional components, RINGSCAFF material can be used to build construction or emergency stair towers or the RINGSCAFF Sky suspended scaffolding system. Mixing certifications with other conventional modular scaffolding systems also provide a maximum of flexibility and sustainable material use.

Scafom-rux RINGSCAFF modular scaffold ist available for scaffold rental and sale.


Internationally certified

The RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding system is used worldwide and has been approved in many different countries. In Europe the scaffolding system has following approvals:

  • (D):German Institute for Building Technology: DIBT
  • (S):Swedish Institute: SP
  • (E):Spanish institute: AENOR

Find more product documentation such as brochures, certifications, product assortment catalogues, and erection manuals in our download center.


Product features

  • Ringlock modular scaffolding with smart assembly technique
  • Few loose scaffolding parts with unique shape
  • Fast scaffold assembly and dismantling
  • Optimum use of storage and transport capacity
  • High structural stability
  • High safety standards
  • Durable, hot-dip galvanized components
  • Stable in value
  • Full traceability




Few basic elements, a solid foundation

  1. Base jack
  2. Base collar
  3. Standard
  4. Ledger / transom
  5. Vertical brace
  6. Side bracket
  7. Side protection toeboard
  8. Steel decks
  9. Anchor
  10. Couplers
  11. Stairs

Smart RINGSCAFF solutions

The Scafom-rux Fixed Corner Deck brings the scaffolding deck area closer to the building. Without any steps or tripping edges, worksite safety is significantly increased. This deck is fabricated from hot-dip galvanised steel which greatly reduces the risk of fire hazard. Also watch our animated video. Click here to download the product leaflet.

The Scafom-rux Flexible Corner Deck is fabricated as a galvanised steel diamond plate and offers a stepless adjustable corner solution up to 45°. The cleverly designed flex corner bracket, made of a rugged, durable coupler and a RINGSCAFF rosette ensures correct and easy assembly.


Heavy Duty Jack adds shoring capability to the RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding system: By clustering four RINGSCAFF standards, workloads can be increased significantly. Leg loads up to 270 kN can be safely and routinely achieved. Click here to download leaflet.


Because safety is a priority, RINGSCAFF offers premium benefits

Worksite safety is always a major concern. The simplicity and design logic of the RINGSCAFF system minimises errors during fast scaffold assembly and dismanteling. Costs savings start, however, well before delivery to the site, thanks to the durable quality of the material, long service life, very low maintenance, efficiency in storage and ease of transport.



Industrial scaffolding, on/off-shore sector, shipbuilding, facade scaffolding, support structures

Load bearing capacity

Loading of working floors up to 6,0 kN/m2


Internationally certified to a.o. German approval Z-8.22-869

Mixed System Approval

Z-8.22-901 ............ approval 07 dimension

Z-8.22-911 ............. approval 09 dimension


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