DURALOK modular scaffold

Modular scaffolding and shoring system DURALOK

Modular scaffold DURALOK excels against safety, reliability and longevity benchmark standards. It is both stable, efficient shoring and a modular scaffolding system. It all adds up to being an ideal solution for both small, short-term projects and long-term deployment in large-scale heavy duty industrial contracts.

Clever Cuplock assembly technique with the unique DURALOK® node points (spaced 50 cm apart). A single action fixes four components in one go. This means short scaffold assembly and dismantling times.


Product Features

  • All scaffolding parts are completely hot-dip galvanised
  • High steel quality (S355) => system lasts for a lifetime
  • 20% lighter than traditional steel - safer by reducing fatigue
  • Ideal for high loads
  • High safety standards
  • Stable in value
  • Straightforward scaffold assembly and dismantling
  • No loose components

High characteristic strength values available upon request.

Basic Components

  • Base jack
  • Standard with Cuplock node point
  • Ledger
  • Vertical Diagonal

Smart Duralok Solutions

The unique design of the new Duralok Steel Toeboard (download leaflet) features 4 mounting brackets which ensure that the steel toeboard is mounted correctly between vertical and horizontal standards while simultaneously and securely resting on the ledger itself. This also increases the amount of useable functional space. Fewer obstacles under foot substantially increase safety in the workplace.  

Many projects in the built environment are designed for routine exposure to colossal forces. These include the construction of viaducts, bridge pillars, multi-storey car parks, office and industrial complexes, even blocks of residential apartments.

During construction they also require a strong, reliable and stable shoring system. DURALOK® from Scafom-rux is a tested, tried and proven shoring system that combines exceptional strength and ease of use, even in challenging circumstances.



Can be used as modular scaffolding system and/or shoring system.


Certified compatibility by Ü-Certificate based approval No.Z8.22-208ü

Load bearing capacity

System for shoring up to 60 k/N per leg at 1,5m lift heigh

Product specs

Tube material 48.3x3.2 S355 ; Fixed connections every 50 cm ; Ledgers from 0.6m up to 3.0m


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