FRAMESCAFF scaffolding system

Frame scaffolding system FRAMESCAFF in 07 dimensions

Scafom-rux'  construction scaffold FRAMESCAFF is aligned to 07 dimensions and is fully compatible with the most frequently used facade scaffolding solutions. Fewer basic parts, combined with a simple, self-aligning assembly concept make this scaffolding system highly efficient and time-saving.

To see the full range of complimentary scaffolding parts, have a look at our accessories.




  • Self-aligning assembly
  • Low product weight
  • Field length up to 4m
  • Compatible with other commonly used façade scaffolding systems
  • Decks secured against lifting
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Easy handling - productivity increase
    • + 40% compared to modular scaffolds
    • + 130% compared to traditional tube and fittings


Basic components:

  • Base jack;
  • Frame base plate;
  • Frame;
  • Diagonal;
  • Floorboards (aluminium with U-support);
  • Ledger;
  • Length side board;
  • Longitudinal toeboard;
  • End toeboard



Unlimited possibilities

In addition to basic components, there is also an extensive range of clever, convenient and very well-designed accessories. These make FRAMESCAFF® adaptable and flexible for use in all kinds of situations.



Construction scaffold, industrial scaffold, weather and construction site protection


Standard frame width 0.73m, standard frame height 2.00m


Approval Certificate.........No. Z-8.1-924

Mixing Approval...... No. Z-8.1-924

Load bearing capacity

Maximum floor loading up to 6 kN/m2


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