Construction scaffolds

Construction scaffolds by Scafom-rux

The combination of rapid-to-assemble scaffolding components, rigid and superb stable frames, accessible decking and easy to mount diagonals enable scaffolding heights of up to 100 metres to be attained with the corresponding degree of anchorage and static calculation verifications. Even facade protrusions or modifications for projections can be easily managed with Scafom-rux construction scaffolding systems.

FRAMESCAFF scaffolding system

Our FRAMESCAFF system is the alternative to proprietary 07 facade scaffolding solutions. A steadily increasing range of components and accessories makes it a completely self-sufficient scaffolding system.

SUPER 65 scaffolding system

Scafom-rux SUPER 65 system is a new generation of facade scaffolding systems with optimized ergonomics, ease-of-use, tool-free assembly, and offering multiple extension options.

SUPER 100 scaffolding system

The modern facade scaffolding with a width of 100 cm, meaining more space and still fully compatible with the SUPER 65 system.



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