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When we introduced our coupler with rapid-fastening screw a few years ago, we were made fun of by competitors and even subjected to some hostility. Meanwhile it has become a standard. Of course, we still have the “good old” metric version in our range. And whether you then use a standard, swivel, reduction, tension, semi, carrier, shore, gravity lock, lattice girder, parallel, wooden beam, screw-on, wall-ceiling or whatever other kind of coupler – will depend entirely upon the work commissioned. But the selection we have available will surely be up to the job.



When bridging openings, passages or other irregular structures, lattice girders of various types are the number one choice. Or are they sometimes a little over-dimensioned for you? So what do you think of the slimmer Berlin connector? Or in the opposite case, the modular, extendable K-Frame – no sagging here, even with a span of 20 m! And you can even put a scaffolding on top.



Depending on how steep things need to be, you once again have a large range to choose from: to meet requirements in terms of handling, weight, multiple uses or simply customer needs.



Anchors, testing devices, tools, logistics pallets and special solutions ... in a nutshell: everything that is needed for efficient scaffolding can be found in our accessory ranges. We have compiled some details, prices and ideas in our SMART DETAILS brochure "Accessories".

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