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No matter whether you need to store or transport scaffolding equipment, or other parts relevant for your construction site, Scafom-rux put some real thought in great solutions for your logistics with our stackable pallets, mesh boxes, and other items for storage and logistics.


Based on our Scafom-rux Duralok system, our stackable palette is built of modular parts and is hence very flexible, yet extremely robust and safe. In designing the stackable palette, we put special focus on the ability to easily transport the palette, for example using a forklift, or a cargo crane.

A special feature are the different overall heights of the longitudinal and lateral parts. This means that long goods (e.g. scaffold tubes) can be loaded onto the pallets as bundles by forklifts. This is particularly efficient in your daily work.

The stacking frame can be used to build skeleton containers, long and short goods pallets in a few simple steps. In combination, it is even possible to set up a small parts warehouse.

Scafom-rux can also offer you larger quantities of these pallets for a complete logistic system upon request.

The tubes can also be supplied in any length on request.

Moreover, we can also be of service with various types of pallets as well as special, customised manufactures.

Read more details, prices and ideas in our SMART DETAILS brochure "Accessories". Click on the link below to download.

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