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Whenever Scafom-rux scaffolding products are developed, the focus is on two fundamental issues: safety and efficiency! All over the world, countless users in the construction business, industry and infrastructure sector rely on the certified quality of Scafom-rux scaffolding solutions. By maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our customers, we are constantly using the valuable feedback of those who are working with our equipment everyday to further optimize our products and to develop new scaffolds which are even easier to handle, reduced in weight, provide higher efficiency, and further maximized safety.

Buy or rent high-quality scaffolding products like modular scaffolds, construction scaffolds, scaffold equipment, shoring systems, push-pull and telescopic props and more directly from the scaffolding manufacturer.

Modular scaffolds

Modular scaffold systems are highly flexible, versatile, safe, and durable. Best for industrial applications, complex structures, and to complement our shoring solutions for infrastructure projects.

Construction scaffolds

For construction sites like buildings, facade scaffolding systems are the optimal solution to quickly build a scaffold for renovations, roofing works, house and apartment constructions, and similar.

Suspended Scaffolds

Especially for working areas that are difficult to reach, suspended scaffolding often pays off. With RINGSCAFF Sky you can rely on highest safety standards and avoid risky climbing or attaching components underneath the work floor.

Shoring solutions

Whether your project is large or small, you need strong, stable, cost-effective shoring systems that you can rely on. Scafom-rux offers a wide range of shoring solutions, from lightweight to heavy duty shoring systems.


Scafom-rux props contain a wide range of load and length versions, literally supporting every construction project.

Weather & construction site protection

Construction site protection, safety, roofing and facade enclosure systems by Scafom-rux.


A comprehensive range of system-free accessories to complement your main scaffolding systems.

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