Safety in scaffolding

Highest safety standards in scaffolding

At Scafom-rux, safety is a factor of equal importance to economical considerations, productivity, quality, and partnership. For us, safety is more than a great product.
Being the direct manufacturer of our scaffolding systems, we do everything it takes to guarantee the best quality in the scaffolding industry. Trainings, regular audits, and innovations are some of the other key aspects how Scafom-rux ensures maximum safety in the usage of our scaffold and formwork solutions.

  • Quality control: incoming material quality, spot checks in production, weld seam control, high degree of automation, outgoing inspection
  • Shipment control, international production and logistics network
  • Product design: saving weight by using high quality and resilient materials (steel with increased yield strength / combination of aluminum and steel)
  • Optimized product shape and dimensions ensure easy handling during transport and on site. This ensures minimization of accident risks.
  • In-house trained safety instructors train erectors and teams on safe working in scaffolding / securing in scaffolding / rescuing accident victims
  • Scafom-rux is annually certified according to ISO 9001

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