Scaffold rental

Scaffold rental directly from the scaffold manufacturer

Scafom-rux develops and manufactures innovative scaffolding and shoring solutions for industries like construction, oil & gas, mining and shipbuilding worldwide. At Scafom-rux, you benefit from having the option of buying or renting scaffolding and shoring equipment directly from the manufacturer.

Advantages and benefits of renting scaffolds

More flexibility in your scaffolding projects

  • Scaffold rental provides you with a high degree of flexibility in financing as well as in running projects with an undefined duration, without tying up essential cash flow. Renting scaffolds also means that seasonal peaks can be covered efficiently and temporary or specialised work is possible simply by hiring extra scaffolding equipment.

Less owned scaffolding equipment means reduced overhead costs

  • Scaffold rental further reduces costs by eliminating the need for storage, maintenance and repair of scaffolding parts, a service area, and maintenance staff.

Performance guaranteed

  • Scafom-rux scaffolding equipment for rent always comes with a worry-free guarantee. You can rely on our rental material to be serviced and properly maintained.

Increased efficiency and system utilisation

  • Rented scaffolding equiment helps you to generate more revenue from your invested capital.

Scafom-rux scaffold rental facilities

Worldwide service network

  • Scafom-rux has fully equipped scaffold rental facilities in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Each of our scaffold rental depots offers scaffolding and shoring solutions in accordance to international standards.

Stronger. Together. Everywhere.

  • The Scafom-rux scaffolding rental stock features efficient scaffolding solutions such as our renowned RINGSCAFF, FRAMESCAFF and SUPER scaffolding systems and shoring systems such as RPS 100.  

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