Financial solutions

Financial solutions for scaffolding

Scafom-rux financial solutions for scaffolding help you to:

  • Better align your incoming and outgoing cash flows

  • Optimize a fair distribution of risks

  • Get an attractive funding possibility, which Scafom-rux can offer thanks to the ability of appreciating the collateral value of its own material (in comparison to many financial service providers), in combination with its own solid financial position and ability to fund

  • Leverage your business and focus your own financial means on your core business

Scafom-rux financial solutions are including:

  • Scaffold rental with flexible conditions depending on the upfront payment, the length of the rental agreement, and buying options at the end

  • Options to freeze a scaffold rental for a defined time period (without payment obligations during this rental freeze)

  • Possibility to enter into a leasing agreement under the US GAAP/IFRS & off-balance sheet classification

  • Long-term agreements with fixed prices

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