Why 07 dimensions in scaffolding actually?


Why do scaffolds have 07 dimensions?

Scaffolding comes in many forms and sizes: Ringlock scaffolding, frame scaffolding, shoring props, the list goes on. But one thing is always the same: a scaffolding system has either metric or 07 dimensions. The reasons for the metric dimension are quickly explained: 1+1 = 2 - there is no simpler and faster way to calculate scaffolding dimensions. This is one of the reasons why our metric SUPER facade scaffolding is one of the fastest and easiest to assemble facade scaffolding on the market. But the 07 measurement also traditionally enjoys great popularity. Yet it is not quite so self-explanatory how the 0.73 metre frame width came about. For the answer, you have to travel quite a bit back in time - to the last century to be exact.

In the 1950s, the introduction of system scaffolding fundamentally changed the scaffolding trade: fewer individual parts and manual operations during assembly and dismantling offered decisive advantages over the traditional scaffolding types. The prefabricated components of the system scaffold also brought with them predetermined system dimensions - 0.73 metres frame width and 07 bay lengths thus became the standard.

Of course, this still doesn't answer the question of why it had to be exactly 0.73 metres. The key to the mystery is the mortar. Or rather, the standard diameter of the buckets in which the masons took it directly onto the scaffolding. So that the mortar could be placed on the scaffolding and thus be used, scaffolding had to have a certain frame width: 0.73 metres.



Today, from a practical point of view, it no longer necessarily has to be 0.73 metres. For example, scaffolders who want to save material often prefer scaffolding in metric dimensions. Nevertheless, the 07 dimension has survived to this day. Because it still scores points for one thing in particular: system compatibility. The metric system can do that too, but if the stock of a scaffold builder traditionally consists of the traditional 07 dimension, new material must of course be compatible with the old in order to be cost-effective.

At Scafom-rux you can simply choose the dimensions of your scaffolding - we have scaffolding systems in both logical metric and traditional 07 dimensions. Simply download our Smart Details brochure for an overview of our products.


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