What makes a good suspended scaffold


What makes a good suspended scaffold?

A good suspended scaffolding system pays off especially for hard-to-reach work areas at great heights. Unlike supported scaffolds, suspended scaffolds are not erected from the ground but are attached directly to the structure above using cables, ropes or chains. This is particularly beneficial when working above uneven or non-bearing surfaces, water, traffic routes or areas obstructed by elements such as tanks, pipes or machinery. Features like these make suspended scaffolding particularly suitable for applications such as

  • Ceiling renovations
  • Bridge renovation and maintenance and other infrastructure projects
  • Maintenance projects in industries like oil and gas, chemical and more
  • Shipyards and offshore projects

On projects like this, suspended scaffolding can save valuable time and material. The latter is especially important when space is at a premium. But as you know, every scaffolding system is different. So when you're looking for the right suspended scaffolding system for your project, there are a few benefits to look out for.

1. Safe scaffold assembly method

Your first consideration when choosing a suspended scaffold  should be achieving the highest level of safety for you and your team. Especially when erecting and dismantling the scaffold, the risk of falling from the scaffold is significantly increased. Therefore, when buying or renting your suspended scaffold, you should pay particular attention to ensuring that you always have a stable platform to stand on when assembling and dismantling. Risky climbing, e.g. to attach individual scaffold components below the working surface, should be completely unnecessary for the safe assembly of the suspended scaffold.

2. Manageable amount of tools needed for scaffold assembly and dismantling

As suspended scaffolding is often used where there is not enough space or ground to erect a standing scaffold, the tools required for erection should also be as manageable as possible. Bulky mechanical or electrical equipment for erecting the suspended scaffold should not be necessary at best. Instead, you should be able to assemble the entire scaffold with a few hand tools that you can carry easily and safely.

3. Prefabricated, modular scaffolding parts

Suspended scaffolding can be built using tubes and couplers, or as a purposley designed special suspended system modular scaffold using prefabricated modular scaffolding components. In particular, the modular assembly method has two decisive advantages:

  • Because they consist of prefabricated components, modular suspended scaffolds can be erected very quickly and safely.
  • With this type of scaffolding, there is little or no need for loose connecting elements such as couplers, bolts, small pins or tie wraps, which can easily be forgotten.

In short, a modular suspended scaffolding system comes with a particularly error-reducing assembly method.

4. Sustainable scaffold material use

When you choose a suspended scaffold, you do not necessarily have to invest in a completely new scaffolding system. A suspended scaffolding system that is compatible with one or more scaffolding systems is particularly cost-efficient and sustainable as you already have a large part of the required scaffolding material in stock.

Scafom-rux RINGSCAFF Sky, for example, is the only suspended scaffolding system on the market that builds on an existing scaffolding system. With just a few additional components, you can turn your RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding into the RINGSCAFF Sky suspended scaffolding system. All other parts come from the RINGSCAFF standard range. This makes RINGSCAFF SKY particularly cost-efficient and sustainable.

You want to learn more about RINGSCAFF Sky? Then download our RINGSCAFF Sky tech info or get in touch with our team!


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