Useful apps for scaffolding and construction


Apps for scaffolding and construction

In the scaffolding and construction industry, good communication and staying organized is key to success. Thankfully, technology has paved the way for numerous apps designed to streamline tasks, improve communication within the team as well as with other parties, and make your work on the construction site as productive as possible. So, whether you're involved in scaffolding, project management, or any other construction-related activity, apps can be valuable additions to your daily work.

Project management and collaboration apps

You are suddenly short of material because a last-minute change in plans was not communicated to you in time? Or a task has to be carried out a second time because you still only had the out-of-date plans when you carried it out? If this sounds familiar, then you know what it means when there’s lack of communication within your team or between the several parties involved in a project. Because let's face it, even the most organised teams can get lost in the shuffle.

To make sure that this all becomes a thing of the past at some point, the trend, especially in project management and collaboration, is clearly moving towards digital solutions. Just look at the ever-increasing use of BIM. Also, project management and collaboration apps such as Procore, PlanGrid or Fieldwire can help you to make communication and coordination as direct and simple as possible. They provide a digital platform for teams to coordinate tasks, share blueprints, and track progress in real-time. This makes you less reliant on manual updates, reduces the potential for errors in coordination and ensures that everyone is on the same page, whether they're on the construction site or in the office.

Equipment and inventory management apps

The smooth running of your projects depends to a large extent on good work preparation. And a well-sorted and organised warehouse can save a lot of time and trouble. To make organising your inventory as easy as possible, there are digital helpers, too. For example, the apps Toolbox or Sortly help you with organizing your warehouse by providing effective tools for equipment and inventory management. Apps like these help construction teams keep track of assets, schedule maintenance and optimise resource allocation, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity.

There is also no longer any need to spend ages counting material. Apps like the Count Things App help you count the materials you want to bring to the project site with just a few clicks.

Safety and compliance apps

Safety is paramount in scaffolding and construction, there's no question about that. Clearly, there are also special safety and compliance apps that can help in maintaining a secure work environment. Apps like the Safety Meeting App and SiteDocs assist in documenting safety protocols, incident reports, and training sessions. By digitizing safety processes, these apps contribute to minimizing risks and ensuring regulatory compliance on the construction site.

Scaffolding apps

There are also apps designed specifically for scaffolding that can make your work on the construction site and your work preparation easier. The apps on offer range from safety compliance apps such as Scaffolding Safety Inspection Checklist to project planning via AR, e.g. with the app Avontus Viewer. Apps like these are designed to help you keep your site safe and improve the accuracy, speed and safety of your scaffolding operations.

Scaffolding calculator apps, such as the free Scafom-rux app, are also popular. Just download our app to

  • calculate the scaffolding material you need and get an initial price estimate
  • access documents, technical details and erection manuals
  • view product animations and training videos
  • read the latest Scafom-rux news

Which app is right for your team?

As the scaffolding and construction industry continues to evolve, integrating some apps into your workflow can provide a significant competitive advantage. From improving communication and collaboration to enhancing safety and streamlining project management, apps offer helpful features designed to meet to the specific needs of the scaffolding and construction industry.

Before you start implementing an app, it's important to evaluate your team’s needs, consider user feedback, and assess how the app fits into your existing processes. While the mentioned apps can undoubtedly improve productivity and efficiency, choosing the right ones for your team's needs will ultimately determine their impact on your scaffolding and construction projects.

You want to learn more about digitalization in the scaffolding and construction industry? Just read or blog articles on BIM, drones, digital project planning and more.


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