Sustainability in scaffolding: how to reuse your standard transoms


Sustainability in scaffolding: how to reuse your modular transoms

It is hard to imagine any industry without the idea of sustainability - not even scaffolding. Scaffolding systems not only have to meet the highest safety standards such as TRBS 2121, but also be cost-efficient and durable. That is why our team at Scafom-rux is constantly looking for new solutions to make your work with and on scaffolding as sustainable as possible. In addition to our high quality standards, which ensure that you can use your scaffolding systems for decades, we succeed above all through one thing: versatile scaffolding products. No scaffolding part has to lie unused in the back corner, but comes to life again thanks to clever solutions.

Did you know, for example, that you can use your RINGSCAFF modular transoms twice? They can be attached to the RINGSCAFF rosette in the classic way or they can be moved freely with an adapter for intermediate transoms to create recesses in your framework. Read more about how you can make your next project particularly sustainable here.


Turn old into new - it's easy with the adapter for intermediate transoms

No scaffolding part has to lie around unused. It's really sustainable if you can use one scaffolding component for different use cases. But that's often easier said than done, because every scaffolding project has its own pitfalls and tricks.

It is particularly tricky when you want to erect your scaffold in an industrial hall, for example, and a chimney gets in the way, for which you have to plan a recess in the scaffolding. The same problem arises when you simply need access for a material crane

Of course you can buy intermediate transoms in different sizes to be prepared for all eventualities. After all, you will then have the right intermediate transom for every recess. But where do you put the ones that are too short or long for your current project? Right, off to storage and wait for them to be used again sometime.

Our engineers thought this could be done better and came up with a solution for more sustainability: the result is the adapter for intermediate transoms – and that is unique on the market!



And what exactly can this thing do? In short, our adapter for intermediate transoms allows you to turn your normal standard transoms into intermediate transoms. Modular transoms are connected to the adapter, hooked into the scaffold at any point, the decks are attached - and you're done. You can equip the adapter with metric transoms of any length and thus obtain countless new possibilities with only one new component.

Here you can also see a visual representation in our product animation:



This not only saves you from intermediate transoms in all possible lengths blocking space in your stock or having to reorder them if the construction site doesn't quite turn out as expected, but also makes effective use of your other standard transoms that would otherwise probably not have been used.

Sustainable scaffolding solutions are a must for us

Using existing resources, space-saving elements that keep transport and storage costs low, and scaffolding solutions that you can use for a wide variety of projects are our understanding of sustainable scaffolding. And this not only runs like a red thread through our product range, but also through our services such as scaffold rental.

Convince yourself of this by contacting our team or simply take a look at our current product catalogue.


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