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Scafom-rux bauma highlights

Finally, the industry can look forward to a real event banger again. bauma in Munich promises to break records again, and the international team from Scafom-rux is also looking forward to exchanging ideas with scaffolding professionals in Munich.

Scafom-rux comes to bauma with a new slogan that expresses how our company understands its collaboration with customers: STRONGER. TOGETHER. This plays a decisive role at all levels of the business partnership - first and foremost in the customer relationship.

"As a family business, we experience time and again that we are strongest when we all pull together. And this also includes constant exchange at eye level. Only in this way can we develop an understanding for each other's challenges and tackle them together. It takes more than good scaffolding solution to enable scaffold users to implement projects successfully. It is also about open communication with each other, through which we can sustainably support customers in the challenges of their daily work," says Volker Rux, General Manager of Scafom-rux Germany.

But the new slogan is also meant to represent the strong cooperation within the international Scafom-rux group, which has developed over the past decades from a multitude of companies with individual characteristics into a powerful brand - complete product programme included. And this is the third aspect of the company slogan.

Scafom-rux offers scaffolding system solutions that fit together, complement each other and with which the value of the customer's existing material can be sustainably maintained. At bauma 2022, the engineering department of Scafom-rux has three product highlights in store that correspond to this principle. MULTI-USE, the technical formula of the sustainability concept at Scafom-rux, helps you to achieve completely new scaffolding solutions with minimal additional investments while making maximum use of your existing scaffolding material. This way, you’re only a few special components away from a completely new scaffolding solution.

The new SUPER-RS modular facade scaffolding, the now-noise RINGSCAFF stair tower and the innovative RINGSCAFF SKY suspended scaffolding are based on this idea.


Highlight 1: The modular façade scaffold SUPER-RS  

Modular facade scaffolds are becoming more and more popular in practical use on the construction site. Customers who opt for this new type of scaffolding can rely on one of the most modern scaffolding systems with SUPER-RS. The decision in favour of SUPER-RS primarily affects the investment demand, as Scafom-rux offers the modular facade scaffolding in three scaffolding system types: Compatible with decking ledgers, U-profile and tube support. With SUPER-RS, MULTI-USE means that you continue to use a large part of your existing material and thus keep it vital, e.g. decking, toe boards, brackets, attachment parts, etc. What is important for your project planning is the absolute compatibility with standard scaffolding systems such as modular scaffolding up to tube-and-coupler-elements. This compatibility is a decisive advantage when you want to combine modular or façade scaffolding material with a SUPER-RS façade scaffolding solution for a pedestrian tunnel, for example. SUPER-RS means using the best and strongest elements from each scaffolding system type.


With the modular SUPER-RS façade scaffolding, a large part of the existing material can be reused and thus kept vital.


With SUPER-RS, the classic vertical frames are broken down into 4 components. Scaffold standards are mounted offset to ensure a unique overall rigidity for the scaffold in combination with the particularly rigid diagonals from the RINGSCAFF modular scaffold. As a rule, 2-metre standards are mounted on the wall side. However, the number of standards used can vary between 2 and 6, depending on the required construction method. In addition, the user can choose between removable or definitive railing solutions. SUPER-RS can thus rightly be described as a flexible modular system that requires a small investment but encourages many construction methods.

The advancing side protection is possible with one or two guardrails on the outside as well as on the inside of the scaffold, if required. This means that the system already meets possible requirements of the future. All gap dimensions required by safety standards are complied with. Building according to the TOP principle (technical, organisational, and personal measures) is guaranteed by SUPER-RS.


Highlight 2: Suspended scaffold RINGSCAFF SKY

Scaffolding often has to be assembled in places that are difficult to access or can only be erected with enormous effort. For example, under bridges when bridge sections need to be renewed or extended. Or in industrial plants, when pipes are in the way, and it is difficult to assemble a scaffold from the ground.

For these cases, Scafom-rux now offers RINGSCAFF SKY, an innovation that enables you to build suspended scaffolding structures very easily and absolutely safely. Here too, the Scafom-rux engineers have taken great care to ensure that as many components as possible from the RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding can be used. Thus, only a few new elements are needed to extend existing RINGSCAFF equipment to build the suspended scaffold RINGSCAFF SKY.


With just a few new elements, existing RINGSCAFF equipment can be extended to build the RINGSCAFF SKY suspended scaffolding.


A new scaffolding bay can be erected from a stable and safe working platform in just a few simple steps. Safety is the top priority. At no time do scaffolders have to leave the scaffold to extend it further.

At the same time, a lot of time and effort is saved. Scaffolding erection on bridges or in industry is up to 50% faster with RINGSCAFF SKY than with conventional methods.

From the very beginning, the idea behind RINGSCAFF SKY was to create a system that is simple, fast and safe, but at the same time sustainably takes into account the already existing RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding system.


Highlight 3: The new RINGSCAFF stair tower

The new RINGSCAFF stair tower comes with many new features. But above all, it is absolutely quite-running. The core of the stair tower remains the tried and tested system-free universal stair stringers, which are fitted with additional impact noise linings. The effect is enormous and will be indispensable in urban areas in the future.

The new version saves on screw connections, eliminates additional cover sheets through intelligent transom solutions - also in the landing area - and comes with new add-on parts. The new filled rod railings are mounted by ledger heads. They are designed in such a way that even large railings can be mounted by one person in the access area. New ergonomic handrails in adult-child combination are offered all around the railing components.


The new RINGSCAFF stair tower: The tried-and-tested system-free universal stair stringers are fitted with additional impact noise linings, making the stair tower absolutely low-noise.


Since the entry conditions for stair towers depend on local conditions, new extendible stairs will help to bridge height differences between 40 and 100 cm in the future. If necessary, the tower steps can be equipped with risers. These close the vertical space between the individual steps. This is particularly interesting if the planner has to designate the escape tower as the first escape route. In this case, the described risers are obligatory and extend the performance of the stair tower. The modified geometry of the universal stair stringers allow effective integrated protection against lifting of the decks without additional handholds.

In addition to product highlights, Scafom-rux will also present further individual services at bauma. Above all, the professional scaffold rental concept is a real alternative to buying scaffolding material. Not only to cover high order situations, but also to make first, non-binding experiences with products such as the three new highlights.

For more information about Scafom-rux at bauma 2022, exciting trade fair tips or appointment bookings, click here.

(Source: DER GERÜSTBAUER, 05/2022)

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