Scaffolding at large-scale events – what to look out for in a scaffold supplier


Scaffolding at large-scale events – what to look out for in a scaffold supplier

The event industry is finally getting going again. After the long pandemic-related break, this does not only make event visitors happy, but also the scaffolders who build stands for loudspeakers, screen supports and stages.

Of course, this also means for us at Scafom-rux that we can once again supply our customers with scaffolding material for the event industry. For example, our modular scaffolding system RINGSCAFF was used for the main stage at the hardcore techno Dominator Festival 2022 in Eersel, the Netherlands.


Assembly of the mainstage of the Dominator Festival 2022.


To make sure that scaffolding projects like this run smoothly even after a long period without large-scale events, many event organisers now have to reorient themselves to adapt well to the current circumstances. So, if you're in the events industry yourself, it is more important than ever to have a reliable partner in your scaffolding supplier. But what characteristics should you look out for in a scaffolding supplier and in how far are they really helpful for you?


What is important when choosing a scaffolding supplier for an event?

A scaffold for a large outdoor event like a music festival has its very own requirements. When several thousand people come together, the scaffold not only has to look like new, but above all it has to be durable and safe. To achieve this reliably, choosing the right scaffolding supplier is indispensable.

These factors can make all the difference:


1. Reliable restocking of your scaffolding material

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the event industry upside down. Of course, the organisers don't need to be told twice that things can finally start again. The scaffolding material that was not used during the break must now be restocked as quickly as possible.

At the same time, other sectors such as the construction industry experience an upswing and scaffolding is more in demand than ever. Therefore, the most important thing for you is to carefully check that the scaffolding material you need can also be reliably delivered in the required quantity. A good scaffolding supplier will communicate openly with you and look for the right solution for you.

To stay flexible, you can also consider the following options:


1.1 Scaffold rental brings life back into your inventory

Scaffold rental is a worthwhile alternative to buying scaffolding material, especially for the event industry. This is mainly because

  • the service life of scaffolding at events is usually less than 12 weeks and scaffold rental is therefore particularly cost-effective.
  • you can stock up your inventory at short notice for the festival season without having to store the additional scaffolding material when not in use.

So, renting scaffolding is a good solution right now to quickly ramp up your inventory and thus your business. Read more about scaffold rental in our blog.

1.2 Scaffolding systems with mixing approvals give you freedom of choice

Buying or renting scaffolding material that is approved for mixing with other scaffolding systems, e.g. in the 07 measure, is also a great advantage when the demand for scaffolding is high. This way you remain as flexible as possible when choosing your scaffolding supplier and can choose between the best offers. Read more about the advantages of mixing approvals for scaffolding systems in our blog.

2. The suitable scaffolding solution

Scaffolding used for an event must be stable, durable and safe. In most cases, the scaffold of choice is a modular scaffolding system in 07 dimensions.

Modular scaffolding systems such as our RINGSCAFF scaffolding in 07 or metric dimensions are a popular solution for good reason, not only in construction, chemical plants or the offshore sector, but also for large events such as music festivals. Thanks to their modular design, they are quick and easy to erect, are unsurpassed in terms of versatility, especially for complex structures and unusual shapes, and have excellent stability values. Modular scaffolding systems can also score points in terms of safety. Click here to read more about the advantages of modular scaffolding systems.

Because especially when many people gather in one place, the safety of all involved must always be the top priority. That is why only scaffolding systems that meet the highest quality and safety standards are considered for large events. Product certificates and approvals from renowned institutes such as DIBT, AENOR, AFNOR and others tell you whether a scaffold meets the requirements of the event industry.

3. Smoothly running logistics

Timing is everything. This is especially true for festivals with fixed dates. In the case of free-standing scaffolding structures such as stage structures or supports for lights, screens or speakers, this means that a particularly large amount of material has to arrive at the festival site in the shortest possible time. And the assembly times are also tightly timed. So logistically everything has to fit so that the assembly of the scaffolding is not delayed.

A good scaffolding supplier supports you with the delivery and later return transport of the scaffolding material so that the required material is reliably available at the festival site in the order of assembly.


4. Adaptability of the scaffolding supplier

Scaffolding at large events is not just a piece of work equipment, it also has to look good. Dirty scaffolding standards that peek out from behind tarpaulins or are even completely visible do not make the best impression. If you want to rent scaffolding material, make sure that it has been sufficiently cleaned or that you get new material. This will save you a lot of stress and work, especially under time pressure. Also discuss with your scaffolding supplier whether there are other options for adapting your scaffolding material.


Are you planning a scaffolding project at an event? Our team will be happy to support you! Click here to contact us.


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