Scaffold rental explained step by step - Part 1


Scaffold rental explained step by step - Part 1

Sometimes you’re planning a project which requires special scaffolding parts you won’t ever need again or the order situation is particularly high and you need to stock up on scaffolding material for a short period of time. In these cases, scaffold rental might just be the right option for you. Of course, you can always buy scaffolding and call the material your own. But there might be situations in which it’s beneficial to give the material back at the end of your project. For an overview of when scaffold rental can be a worthwhile alternative to scaffold sale for you, click here.

Scafom-rux does not only produce and sell scaffolding systems, but we also rent out scaffolding material on flexible conditions. In the past, our customers executed complex scaffolding project, like a working platform inside an LNG-carrier, with rented Scafom-rux scaffolding material only. But how does the scaffold rental process look like, actually? We have summarised the first step from offer request to the delivery of the rented scaffold here.


Step 1: Request an offer for scaffold rental

When you’re interested in renting scaffolding material from Scafom-rux, you will be asked to send us all the relevant information about your project. These include

  • the start and expected end date of the rental period
  • the requirements of your scaffolding project, i.e. a definition of your project
  • the plans of your project
  • the material list (in case you don’t need technical support)

After we’ve received this information, we will send you a noncommittal offer for you on the basis of your material list.

In case you cannot send us a material list e.g. because you need advice on which scaffolding material is the best solution for your project, we will explain the different options and elaborate the best solution with you. Our technical department will then elaborate a material list and plans with the specifications. You will then receive an offer on the basis of the material list our engineers prepared for you.


Step 2: The rental offer is accepted

If you agree with our offer, we will prepare everything to provide you with the ordered material at the agreed time. The rented scaffolding material is then ready for you to collect from one of our global rental depots.

Scafom-rux scaffold rental depots are located all over the world. Find us in

  • Belgium: Kaulille
  • Brazil: Rio de Janeiro
  • Canada: Brampton, Edmonton, Bonnyville, Sarnia
  • Chile: Santiago
  • China: Yunnan, Yantai, Deyang
  • Germany: Hagen, Berlin, Leipzig, München, Hamburg, Dresden
  • France: Juilly, Saint Gilles
  • Netherlands: Beek en Donk
  • Peru: Lima, Arequipa
  • Spain: Madrid
  • Sweden: Gråbo
  • USA: La Porte, Port Allen


If you wish, we can organise the onward transport of the material to the construction site for you. Feel free to ask our team about it.

Upon receipt, please check the delivery for completeness, conformity with the delivery papers and the order and for defects or transport damage. Any defective parts delivered by us can, of course, be replaced before use - quickly and unbureaucratically.

Honestly, nobody likes bills. So, the payment process should of course be as uncomplicated as possible for you. That’s why most of our rental customers chose direct debit mandate as payment method. For an alternative payment method, don’t hesitate to discuss your options with our team.

As you see, scaffold rental is not only a worthwhile alternative to buying scaffolds, but the process from the offer request to the delivery of scaffolding material is also very simple. Read more about the next steps in our rental process in next week’s blog.

To make things run as smoothly as possible to you during the whole rental process, download our scaffold rental checklist.


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