NEWS: Scafom-rux acquires Swedish Tobit and expands in the Nordics


Scafom-rux acquires Swedish Tobit and expands in the Nordics

Scafom-rux is strengthening its foothold in Sweden with the acquisition of its Swedish distributor Tobit. Tobit is a leader in the regional market in northern Sweden with its own webshop. The acquisition complements Scafom-rux's Swedish operations in southern Sweden and creates a strong basis for expansion in Norway and Finland. For Tobit's customers, the deal means even better service with the option to also rent scaffolding material.

"I am very satisfied with the acquisition of Tobit and look forward to working with Johan Sandin, the founder of Tobit. Together, we can offer sales and rental solutions to customers throughout Sweden. We see good opportunities to expand our operations in the north given the large investments that will take place in the region", says Anders Olausson, Managing Director of Scafom-rux in Sweden. He started Scafom-rux's Swedish subsidiary in 2022 together with Tobias Persson, Operational Director of Scafom-rux in Sweden.

The demand for Scafom-rux products in northern Sweden is high. In addition to Tobit's existing sales, there is a significant market for the rental of scaffolding material, a business that requires more capital. As part of Scafom-rux, the scaffold rental business can now be expanded.

"Norrland will be the center of a massive investment in the green transition of the industry. According to the plans, more than 1000 billion will be invested in new steel mills, battery factories and energy solutions in the region. Tobit is the largest seller of scaffolding in the region. Scafom-rux will be able to take advantage of the coming boom by using Tobit's network and customer base that we have built since 2016," says Johan Sandin.

Anders Olausson (Managing Director Scafom-rux Sweden), Johan Sandin (Founder of Tobit) and Tobias Persson (Operational Director Scafom-rux Sweden).

Scafom-rux plans to integrate Tobit into the existing Swedish subsidiary to have a unified customer offer throughout Sweden. Tobit will therefore change its name in 2024 and Johan Sandin will become Area Sales Manager North for Scafom-rux's Swedish operations.

"Tobit adds new dimensions with its webshop, payment solutions and a strong position in customer segments that we have not previously served. With the large investments in northern Sweden, it is important for us to have a strong presence in the region. The acquisition gives customers in the north of Sweden the opportunity to rent our equipment, while customers in the south get access to the webshop and a broader product portfolio," says Koen de Wit, CEO of Scafom-rux Holding.

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