New Scafom-rux location in Switzerland


New Scafom-rux location in Switzerland

Scafom-rux scaffolds have been used by scaffolders in Switzerland for a long time. Currently, for example, in the construction of the Spitallamm replacement dam at the Grimselpass in the Bernese Oberland. Our customer Burn-Kuenzi assembled RINGSCAFF stair towers to create access to the construction site. Constructions made of RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding were also erected and anchored in the rock. Particularly spectacular: some of the work had to be carried out by workers hanging on ropes.


The 90-year-old dam at the Grimselpass is being replaced by a new one. After the planned completion of the new dam in 2025, the old one will be flooded.

The Spitallamm dam is located in the high mountains, a whole 1900 metres above sea level. This means not only challenging weather conditions for all involved, but also demanding logistics.

Some of the work had to be carried out by workers hanging on ropes.

The Burn-Kuenzi team also installed their own lift solution for which an 80 m deep pit was drilled.

Scafom-rux Germany Sales Manager, Etienne Terlitzki, visiting the project with Burn-Kuenzi CEO Jonas Burn and Project Manager Balz Hersche.

Bridging structure made of RINGSCAFF material.

So, it's about time that we set up our own branch in Switzerland.

From now on, our colleague Roger Häfliger will supply you with the best scaffolding material from Scafom-rux at our new scaffold rental and collection warehouse. If you are interested, please contact us directly on +41 41 244 0770 or send an e-mail to

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