New mixing certificate for RINGSCAFF - how does it benefit you?


New mixing certificate for RINGSCAFF - how does it benefit you?

Ringlock modular scaffolds, such as the Scafom-rux RINGSCAFF scaffolding system, are among the world's most popular types of scaffolding systems. They are used in infrastructure and construction projects as well as in the mining, chemical, oil and gas, energy and maritime industries.

As far as the basic structure is concerned, the ringlock scaffolding systems of the different manufacturers are quite similar. This has the great advantage that you can even mix some modular scaffolding systems within one scaffold assembly. For this purpose, they are specially approved for mixing by the DIBt, for example.

Scafom-rux RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding is the only scaffolding system on the market that has been approved by the DIBt for mixing with three modular scaffolding systems from other manufacturers. But what are the practical advantages of mixing approvals for scaffolding? We have summarised them for you here.

Scaffolding systems with mix approvals for greater flexibility

The Covid 19 pandemic is fading from our daily lives. However, it has left its mark on the raw materials market and logistics. The current global political situation is also contributing to the fact that supply bottlenecks and price fluctuations are still the order of the day. The key is to remain flexible to respond to rapidly changing situations in the construction and industrial sectors.

Two approaches are particularly recommended for scaffolding:

  1. Scaffold rental: This is a real alternative to buying scaffolding and allows you to stock up your inventory at short notice.
  2. Scaffolding systems with mixing approval

The latter in particular make you less dependent on a single scaffolding supplier. This can be a crucial advantage in times of supply shortages.

If you have mixable scaffolding material in your inventory, you will be more free to choose the supplier that offers the best value for money, especially in terms of availability of the scaffolding material you need. So, if you urgently need additional scaffolding material, for example because the order situation is particularly good or a project is unexpectedly extended and you are short of material for another project, you can react on short notice.

What do the RINGSCAFF mixing approvals mean for you in practice?

Approvals and certificates for scaffolding systems are proof of the high quality and reliability of a product. When a scaffolding system has received such an approval, it ensures that it complies with the relevant national health and safety regulations. We have written a separate blog article about the certification process and the benefits of scaffolding certificates and approvals. Just click on the link.

Worldwide, scaffolding certificates and scaffolding approvals are issued by these authorities and institutes, for example:

  • DIBt
  • LNEC
  • VÚBP
  • RISE
  • WorkSafe

What is the DIBt?

The mixing approvals of the RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding system are issued by the DIBt. The DIBt is the highest recognised technical authority based in Germany, whose tasks include, among other things, the testing and approval of construction products.

Of course, every country, and therefore every local building authority, has its own rules and regulations for the construction industry and scaffolding in particular. But even if you are not active in Germany, DIBt certificates can be an advantage for you. Many countries recognize DIBt approvals and certificates, because they already include a wide range of international standards and regulations such as EN norms.

Which ringlock modular scaffolding systems can RINGSCAFF be combined with?

Our RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding system can be mixed with three other Ringlock scaffolding systems from other manufacturers in accordance with DIBt mixing approval. What is new is that it can be mixed with Layher Allround Lightweight. This makes RINGSCAFF the scaffolding system on the market that is approved for mixing with most other scaffolding systems. This includes the mixing of RINGSCAFF with

  • Z-8.22-901: Layher Allround and Layher Allround LW
  • Z-8.22-911: Plettac Assco Contur/Altrad Futuro
  • Z-8.22-971: Layher Allround and Plettac Assco Contur/Altrad Futuro

All four scaffolding systems have their own DIBt approvals for functionality, safety and quality. RINGSCAFF's mixing approvals give you the assurance that mixing with the mentioned scaffolding systems does not lead to any reduction in these aspects.

Would you like to know more about mixing approvals for scaffolding and how they can benefit you? Click on the link to read our blog article on the subject.

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