Modern, stable and compatible: SUPER RS


So-called 'dissolved scaffolding systems' are becoming more and more relevant considering constantly improved safety requirements in scaffolding. With this type of scaffold, for example, the next working level is assembled from the level below even before the scaffold deck is attached.

In an interview with the German scaffolding magazine "DER GERÜSTBAUER", our technical manager Jochen Gebauer explains why investing in SUPER RS ultimately contributes to the preservation of your existing stock.


Jochen Gebauer, Technical Manager of Scafom-rux Germany, is proud of the technical details in the SUPER-RS Scaffolding System

Modern, stable and compatible
The modular façade scaffolding SUPER-RS from Scafom-rux

Interview from German scaffolding magazine "Der Gerüstbauer", issue 03.2022

System solutions with integrated advances guardrail protection in accordance with TRBS 2121 are currently very much in vogue. A few years ago, these solutions were still regarded as an exotic feasibility study, but now they are a trend-setting further development in modern scaffolding.

DER GERÜSTBAUER spoke to Jochen Gebauer from Scafom-rux about their answer to a system solution with integrated advanced guardrail: the SUPER-RS modular facade scaffolding.

DER GERÜSTBAUER: Mr Gebauer, what do you tell prospective customers who ask you why you think they should invest in the SUPER-RS system?

Jochen Gebauer: As irritating as it may sound: I would tell them that the best argument is the conservation of your existing inventory.

DER GERÜSTBAUER: Can you please explain that in more detail?

Jochen Gebauer: SUPER-RS is a scaffolding system that combines the best means of two systems, namely those of SUPER facade scaffolding with those of RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding - hence SUPER-RS. As we find a largely saturated market, at least in Germany, where scaffolding stocks have already been built up for years, in our opinion it makes little sense in most cases to want to pull users completely into a new scaffolding system. Rather, we want to give them the opportunity to invest in a future-proof scaffolding system, but at the same time "take over" a large part of the existing material, namely mainly the cost-intensive decks. And the icing on the cake: they can continue to use their proven systems in combination with the new SUPER-RS: SUPER, FRAMESCAFF and RINGSCAFF, along with compatible systems, can be combined with it easily because standards are maintained - for example, with the tube connector.

DER GERÜSTBAUER: Scafom-rux came onto the market rather late with the SUPER-RS. Is that an attempt to jump on the bandwagon?

Jochen Gebauer: It’s fact that Scafom-rux has been dealing with this topic for far longer than most of its competitors. As early as 2008, we presented prototypes for a so-called ‘dissolved scaffolding system’ with advancing side protection at the Hagener Gerüstforum. But at that time the legal requirement did not yet exist, and so the project was put on hold due to lack of customer interest. The experience gained at that time was not lost, however, so that we did not have to start from scratch when TRBS 2121 came into force. Nevertheless, we did not rush into anything, but brought a well thought-out scaffolding system onto the market that can score with significant advantages, but does not let the new investment factor get lost.


"A future-proof scaffold that is compatible with common systems". This is how Scafom rux describes the SUPER-RS.


DER GERÜSTBAUER: In your opinion, what are the outstanding advantages?

Jochen Gebauer: Apart from the aforementioned continued use of decks with spigot, U or tube support, for example, the easy one-man assembly when using lead-off adapters. The moulded tube ends of the standards sit free of play in the lead-off adapters, so that the standards do not have to be held by a second person. Then the use of the wedge head diagonal from the RINGSCAFF system. This ensures force-fit and, above all, self-aligning assembly. This is a great time advantage during assembly. In addition, we give users the choice of using removable guardrails - either with a gravity or FRAMESCAFF lock - or permanent guardrails with a toggle lock. This is an advantage, especially with regard to expected future requirements and regulations in terms of safety.

DER GERÜSTBAUER: When it comes to handling, competitors prefer to have to use only one type of standard if possible. Why did you decide to use different types of standards?

Jochen Gebauer: One thing cannot be avoided with these advancing scaffolding systems: Standards joints at 1-metre height. These are known to be more unstable than standards at deck level. That is why we say: Every avoidable impact of standards joints strengthens the system. So on the wall side of the scaffold, we usually work with 2-metre standards, which allow for the deck level joint. But even with the free standards joints, static calculations have shown that the SUPER RS does not have to shy away from comparisons with other suppliers and in some cases even performs better, because we have not changed the tube diameter, the tube connectors and the bearing surface in favour of saving material. In the scaffold configuration, SUPER-RS does not need to be reinforced with cross diagonals or guardrail ledgers on the bottom level and, from a height of 16 metres, it does not need inner ledgers. It is simply a top-solid scaffolding system which, for all its modernity, contains a huge amount of experience. This often shows itself less in superficial sales slogans than in a look at the details.

DER GERÜSTBAUER: Mr Gebauer, thank you for this interview.


With the SUPER-RS, the tube connectors are compatible with the proven standards. The result is excellent static values - even at the free standard joints.


The Scafom-rux SUPER RS scaffolding system will also be one of our highlight products at bauma 2022. If you would like to visit us at the world's largest trade fair in October, click here for trade fair tips, booking appointments and other helpful information.

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