How to save time and labour during scaffold assembly and dismantling


More efficient scaffold assembly and dismantling with Scaff Lift

Besides safety, efficiency is one of the major concerns in construction and scaffolding. A scaffolding project should be implemented in the most cost- and time-saving way possible. True to the motto: time is money.

At the same time, tight schedules often require a lot of personnel. This is not only noticeable when erecting and dismantling the scaffold, but also when transporting loads onto the scaffold. Lifting individual scaffolding parts manually from the bottom to the top or vice versa quickly and safely drains a lot of your team’s energy. As a result, a larger number of workers is required to spend as little time as possible on the task.

The good news is that this can be done much more cost- and time-efficiently. For this, our technical department has taken the tried and tested rope hoist principle and gave it a modern twist. The result is our Scaff Lift swivel arm. Read here how it makes your scaffolding work easier and more efficient at the same time.

How can you save time and labour during scaffold assembly and dismantling?

Moving loads up or down the scaffolding is teamwork. How much time you and your team need depends mostly on the solution you choose.

One of the most common methods is to work with at least three people and pass the scaffolding or building material step by step to your colleague on the scaffolding level above or below you. This works, of course, but it takes more labour and time than necessary.

To save your team’s energy and time, a scaffolding arm with a rope hoist is one of the best solutions to move scaffolding and building material up and down the scaffold. The cable pull principle on construction sites is of course nothing ground-breaking, but here too it depends on how it’s executed. Screwing the scaffold arm to the scaffold takes time and effort. In addition, the alignment can only be varied by screwing it down and back on again.

Scaffold swivel arm Scaff Lift becomes the 3rd worker on the scaffold

And this is where the Scafom-rux Scaff Lift swivel arm comes into play. The Scaff Lift swivel arm is the ideal assembly and dismantling aid for scaffolding and becomes, so to speak, the 3rd scaffolder on the scaffold. With Scaff Lift, two people can almost effortlessly transport loads of up to 50 kg up and down the scaffold.

The great benefit: The Scaff Lift swivel arm does not need to be screwed on and is simply placed on any 48.3 tube connector of the top vertical frame. This means that you can Scaff Lift swivel by up to 180 degrees, so you can flexibly align it as you need it.


System-free scaffolding accessories are cost-efficient. Scaff Lift can be used on any 48.3 scaffolding tube connector of all common scaffolding systems.


You want to see what the use of Scaff Lift looks like in practice? Watch our product video here:


With the right scaffolding accessories, working efficiently is easy. For more information on Scafom-rux scaffolding solutions, take a look at our price lists or contact our team.


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