How technical support improves your project planning in scaffolding


How technical support improves your project planning in scaffolding

Planning, we all love it, don’t we. But no matter whether scaffolding is needed for façade work on single-family houses, for the construction of a bridge, or building maintenance - nothing works without the necessary proper preparations and thorough project planning. Of course, you are not alone in this, but you can get technical support from the engineering team of your scaffolding supplier. Read on to learn how this works and what services you can expect.


Benefit from technical support – in preparation of and during your scaffolding or shoring project

At Scafom-rux, you not only get the right formwork and scaffolding materials, but along with that also the technical support you need for your scaffolding project. The service is by no means finished with the sale of a scaffold, but you can also count on support in the further preparation and during the later implementation of your scaffolding project. Even if you are a professional at what you do, certain projects can benefit from the technical expertise of your scaffolding manufacturer. For example, if you are planning a scaffold that will reach heights of 90 metres or more, or needs to be configured for a challenging shape that requires a 3D model, your scaffold supplier can provide you with

  • important drawings
  • material lists
  • structural calculations
  • and work plans to best fit the scaffold and the erection and dismantling.

Even if you have your own technical department, it is worthwhile to have the engineering team of your scaffolding supplier check the plans again. No one knows the scaffolding material as well as the company that engineered and manufactured it.


Technical support helps to make your scaffolding project run as smooth as possible right from the beginning

No matter what project you are working on, it is best to get the technical support of your scaffolding and formwork supplier at an early stage. This way you can get the most out of your project planning and save important time and money. Because if the error has already occurred during scaffold configuration, for example, it can take a long time to rectify it. It is better to use technical engineering support to prevent avoidable problems.

This can start with sending your project sketches, e.g. in Autocad, to your scaffolding supplier’s technical engineering team. If you cannot share your sketches with the manufacturer via software, talk to the team about possible alternatives. The description of the construction method and any additional regulations also make the technical engineering support all the more precise for you. Not to forget: Tell them your time constraints. Only if the technical engineering support knows your time schedules can these be included in the planning and thus contribute to a timely completion of the project.


The technical engineering team can provide you with 3D models of your scaffold design.


A great advantage of technical support is that the questions that are crucial for the efficient implementation of your scaffolding or formwork project can be clarified in advance. To find the ideal solution for your project, the technical engineering team will possibly ask you questions like this:

  • If you are planning a project e.g. on or in a tank, a boiler or an FCC unit of a refinery, it is important to know in advance how material can be delivered to the desired location. The technical engineering support will therefore certainly ask you about the size of the access to the site in order to ensure the best possible material supply.
  • Especially with very high scaffolds, anchoring or fastening is essential. Therefore, it is important to know where it can be attached.
  • On some construction sites you will be confronted with structures that can get in the way of the scaffolding or formwork. For example, if you have ever worked inside a large tank, you have seen the columns that are there to stabilise it. You should know these and similar special features of your construction site and inform the technical engineering support. A joint visit to the construction site can also be helpful in order not to leave any obstacle undiscovered.

Once these questions have been clarified the individual challenges of your scaffolding project can be determined as precisely as possible and the best solutions can be found.

Even if they are sometimes tricky: It is these very challenges that make our work in scaffolding so exciting. To find the best solution for your scaffolding project – even if it’s beyond the standard – Scafom-rux can help you with technical support. Just click here to get in touch with our team.

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