Here's why you should consider a career in scaffolding


Here’s why you should consider a career in scaffolding

Are you looking for a varied job with lots of action and team spirit? Then scaffolding is probably the right career for you! Sounds good to you, but you don't really know what a scaffolder actually does all day? Let us sum up some of the main tasks of a scaffolder:

  • planning, calculating and drawing up the design of the scaffolding
  • assembly, dismantling and anchoring of different types of scaffolding, construction stair towers, emergency stair towers or formwork.
  • selecting, loading and transporting the required scaffolding materials
  • storage and maintenance of scaffolding
  • measuring and calculating, for example, scaffold standing areas and material quantities

How to become a scaffolder?

Depending on where you'd like to work, there are several ways to start your scaffolding career. These range from on-job training to special courses for aspiring scaffolders e.g. in Construction Operations. In some countries you need to do an apprenticeship of up to 3 years before you can work as a scaffolder. For more information on how to become a scaffolder, click here.

5 good reasons to become a scaffolder

To help you decide if a career in scaffolding is right for you, we have put together 5 good reasons to become a scaffolder.

1. In-demand skills and job security

As in many areas of the construction industry, there is an urgent need for skilled labour in scaffolding. Apprentices are therefore highly sought after by many employers and are often offered more than is usual in other sectors. Those who choose to train as a scaffolder can also expect a high level of job security. Especially those who continue their training after Especially those who continue their education after completing their training are likely to be in high demand.

2. Many career opportunities

Completing an apprenticeship or training as a scaffolder opens up a wide range of career opportunities and promotion prospects, from scaffolder to supervisor or manager. It is also your gateway to the construction industry and many other opportunities for career progression and development.

Working in scaffolding requires a range of skills, including problem solving, communication, and teamwork. This means that those who work in the industry can develop a wide range of skills that are transferable to other roles and industries.

3. A job that never gets boring

Does sitting at an office desk doing the same old thing every day sound like your worst nightmare? Then a career in scaffolding is the perfect alternative to a typical office job.

No two days in scaffolding are the same. As a scaffolder, you not only spend a lot of time outdoors, but you also move around a lot, travelling to different projects. And your work sites here range from construction sites, industrial plants to events and festivals.

4. Strong sense of community

Scaffolding is all about teamwork and a strong sense of community. Working closely with your colleagues - whether in small or large teams - is essential to the safe assembly and dismantling of scaffolding. This tends to create a supportive working environment and, for many, is an important part of why they enjoy their work.

5. Positive industry and career outlook

Scaffolding is always needed wherever construction, renovation or maintenance work is being carried out. So, there is plenty of work for scaffolders. And although the construction industry is currently facing a number of challenges, the scaffolding sector is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. And that means more and better career opportunities for those who enter the industry.

Training as a scaffolder opens the door to an exciting and fulfilling career. Read our blogs below to find out more about working in the scaffolding and construction industry. Also visit our career page to learn more about current vacancies at Scafom-rux.


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