Hagen Scaffolding Forum: from in-house exhibition to major event


Hagen Scaffolding Forum: from in-house exhibition to major event

The smell of freshly sawn wood and wet paint. The sound of hammers and the shrill beeping of lifting platforms echo through the room. Scafom-rux Germany’s warehouse 3 on the outskirts of Hagen now looks more like the set of a western film than a simple materials warehouse.

In a few weeks, the biggest scaffolding event of the year will take place here. True to the motto: Great Western Trail - Journey of Possibilities.


What is the Hagen Scaffolding Fourm

For almost 30 years, the Hagen Scaffolding Forum has been a must-attend event for anyone involved in scaffolding. Every 3 years, the industry gathers in Hagen, Germany, to network, exchange information about innovations in scaffolding, but also to eat, drink and spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere. And that goes down well. Even after 6 years of a compulsory break due to the pandemic, customers ask us regularly: "So, when is the next Forum?"


Hagen Scaffolding Forum: from in-house exhibition to major event

Let’s start from the beginning. What is now a major event with over 3,000 guests also started out small. In 1994, Scafom-rux Deutschland - then still Günter RUX GmbH - invited guests to its in-house exhibition in Hagen for the first time. The guests were selected innovative partners of the company.

At that time, the Hagen Scaffolding Forum was held in our own office building with around 150 guests, but the growing size of the event soon outgrew the venue and moved to a hall on the company premises. The original 2-year interval between the forums soon became a 3-year cycle in order to be able to offer our partners and customers even more.

This also meant more opportunities to choose a theme. In 2008 it was "Welcome to Cuba" for the first time. And in true style, with live rolled cigars for all guests.

“Spain” followed in 2011, “Jungle” in 2014 and “50s” in 2017. In 2020 it was to be “Treasure Island - New Horizons.”


Pandemic year 2020: The cancelled scaffolding forum

As we all know by now, a lot of great plans for the first pandemic year 2020 came to nothing. Just a few days before the first forum guests were due to immerse themselves in the world of Treasure Island everything was cancelled, lockdown. Admittedly, this was a bitter disappointment not only for the 3000 registered guests, but also for the entire Scafom-rux team. For months, our team had been planning the scaffolding event of the year, sometimes working late into the night, sawing and hammering diligently at the backdrops of Treasure Island.


Months of preparation, everything ready to go ... then the pandemic came. Suddenly we really felt like we had been transported back 250 years.


But we were not burying our heads in the sand. So, it was soon time to look ahead again! And now, exactly 3 years later, we're all the more eager to get the next Scaffolding Forum off the ground. From 26.4. to 29.4. the motto this time is


This time the theme is the Wild West. More specifically, the settlers who set out on the Oregon Trail in the 19th century. 3,500 km full of dangers on the way to the New World. But no one could do it alone. "Stronger. Together." was as true then as it is today. And there is another thing we can learn from the settlers: to create something new, we have to leave the old behind. And that's what we want to talk to you about.

As well as the latest innovations in scaffolding and the chance to meet old and new colleagues, there will of course be the usual relaxed Forum atmosphere. With good food, drinks and some very special live acts! After all, the Hagen Scaffolding Forum is not just another trade fair, but a special thank you to our customers and business partners.

So, are you in the scaffolding business and haven't yet registered for the Hagen Scaffolding Forum? Then click on the link below to register for free.


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