Beginner’s guide to system scaffolding


Beginner’s guide to system scaffolding

If you want to buy or rent scaffolding, the first step is to decide which type of scaffolding is right for your project. As the demands on construction and maintenance projects continue to evolve, the choice of scaffolding types on the market is also growing. Whereas a few decades ago the choice was limited to classic tube and coupler scaffolding, modern system scaffolding in all its variations is becoming increasingly popular. Here we have summarised what system scaffolding is, what types there are and what projects they can be used for.

What is system scaffolding?

A system scaffold consists of vertical, horizontal and diagonal standards, transoms and ledgers. The vertical standards are provided with fixed connection points to which a horizontal or diagonal tube can be easily connected at predetermined levels. System scaffolding differs significantly from traditional tube and coupler scaffolding in that it uses a locking mechanism to connect its elements with each other.

What is the difference between system scaffolding and modular scaffolding?

Modular and system scaffolding are the same, apart from the name. They are also known as prefabricated scaffolding, because of their prefabricated and fixed connection points. As there are no loose components in system scaffolding, it proves to be both cost effective and time efficient which is why the system scaffolding becomes increasingly popular today.

What are the different types of system scaffolding?

If you want to invest in system scaffolding or modular scaffolding, you are spoilt for choice these days. The difference between the various types of scaffolding systems on the market exists mainly because of the way the components are connected. Depending on the region and the intended use of the scaffolding, the type of system scaffolding you ultimately choose may vary.

Frame scaffolds are a popular choice in the construction industry

Due to their easy handling, so-called frame scaffolds are particularly popular for building and renovating houses and other standards applications. They are made of vertical and horizontal frames, scaffold decks, diagonal scaffold ledgers for stability and guardrails, which are all connected with latch mechanisms instead of screws and couplers.


The Scafom-rux SUPER frame scaffolding system is a popular choice for renovation and construction tasks.


Industrial and heavy duty applications benefit from modular scaffolding such as Ringlock, Cuplock or Kwikstage scaffolding

In industrial plants and heavy applications such as bridge construction, it is mainly modular scaffolding such as Ringlock, Cuplock or Kwikstage scaffolding that is used due to its usually higher load-bearing capacity and more flexible adaptability, even on uneven structures.

The vertical standards of this type of scaffolding have so-called nodal points at regular intervals. These are connection points to which other prefabricated components of the scaffolding can be attached. This assembly method makes Ringlock, Cuplock or Kwickstafe scaffodling particularly reliable, versatile and minimise the time, cost and energy required to assemble and dismantle them.

The assembly and dismantling of the Scafom-rux RINGSCAFF modular scaffold is particularly easy and makes it the perfect fit for both construction projects and industrial applications.

The main difference between the various modular scaffolding systems on the market are the different connection points that range from being ring shaped to star shaped or cups. Click on the link to find out more about the types of modular scaffolding, their applications and how they differ from each other.

Scafom-rux sells and rents high quality system scaffolding worldwide. If you’re interested in our scaffold sales and rental options, click here to get in touch with our team. For more information on scaffolding types and there use cases, also see our related scaffolding blog articles.

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