Beginner's guide to scaffolding types: the ringlock modular scaffold


Beginner's guide to scaffold types: the ringlock scaffold explained

Cuplock, Kwickstage, Ringlock, you name it – there are numerous connection methods and types of modular scaffolds. Scafom-rux highly versatile modular scaffolding system RINGSCAFF, for example, belongs to the ringlock scaffolding type,  also called ring scaffold or rosette scaffold. The RINGSCAFF scaffold can thus not only be erected quickly, but is also extremely resilient. Of course, the "old hands" in scaffolding construction have been familiar with this for a long time. But as a newbie, you first have to get an overview of the different systems and types of modular scaffolding. Read here how a ringlock modular scaffold is composed and what advantages its connection method has.

Simple scaffold assembly with high stability

A scaffold with ringlock connection is one of the most popular types of modular scaffolds. Modular or system scaffolds consist of prefabricated scaffold parts and therefore differ significantly from the traditional tube and clamp scaffold. We have already prepared detailed blog posts on the difference between tube and clamp scaffold and system scaffold.

The ringlock system scaffold is particularly suitable for quick and at the same time simple assembly. Flexibility and versatility also characterise this type of modular scaffold. But aren't flexibility and prefabricated connection points mutually exclusive? Quite the opposite. You only have to look at how the ringlock connection works:

The core of the ringlock system is the uprights with fixed rosette connectors, each of which has 8 punched holes. Up to 8 bars and diagonals can now be hooked into these and fastened with a hammer. This is much faster than with the usual ratchet.



The steps for attaching the ledgers and diagonals to the connection point are simple and always the same:

  1. Position the ledger or diagonal
  2. Insert the wedge
  3. Hit the wedge with the hammer to create a load-bearing connection

With the eight notches in the rosette, different angles can be set so that, for example, rounded or other angled shapes can be realised.



A ringlock modular scaffold therefore allows a wide range of applications - and consists of a small number of basic components. This is a great advantage especially during transport and storage. Our RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding, for example, consists only of the following basic scaffolding parts:


01 Base jack
02 Base collar
03 Standards with rings
04 Horizontal ledger
05 Vertical diagonal
06 Horizontal diagonal
07 Decks


The versatility of the RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding is increased not only by the ringlock connection but also by the wide range of available dimensions and accessories. Just take a look at our RINGSCAFF brochure.

Use cases of ringlock modular scaffolds

With a ringlock modular scaffolding, you have great angular flexibility. This makes it ideal for objects with complex shapes. Therefore, you can use this type of system scaffold for a wide range of projects in different sectors. Here are some examples

  • Building construction
  • Infrastructure projects like bridge construction and maintenance
  • Shipbuilding and maintenance
  • Mining sector
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Off-shore projects like wind farms, oil rigs or natural oil platforms
  • Event technology like grandstands

In order to be able to meet the requirements of these areas of application, the ringlock scaffolding is particularly corrosion-resistant, e.g. due to galvanised steel.

We have already mentioned some of the advantages of a ringlock scaffold like RINGSCAFF. Of course, these are not the only ones. If you want to know why you should choose a scaffold with a ringlock connection, stay tuned for our next blog post.


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