Beginner's guide to scaffolding types: the cuplock modular scaffold


Beginner's guide to scaffold types: the Cuplock modular scaffold explained

The types of modular scaffolds are numerous - and anyone working in scaffolding can distinguish a Ringlock scaffold from a Kwickstage or Cuplock scaffold in no time at all. This is because modular scaffolds in particular are enjoying great popularity due to their prefabricated components which make handling particularly easy. More and more they are taking the place of the traditional tube and clamp scaffold.

In our last blog articles, we have already summarised the characteristics of the ringlock scaffold type and the reasons why this type of modular scaffold is particularly worthwhile. In today’s beginner's guide, we’ll introduce you to the Cuplock scaffold.



Simple connection method with prefabricated metal cups

Cuplock modular scaffolds like the Scafom-rux DURALOK scaffolding system differ from a ringlock modular scaffolds mainly in their connection method. As the name ‘Cuplock’ already suggests, the scaffold beams are connected with a metal cup. This connection method makes the assembly of a cuplock scaffold particularly easy:

After the standards have been attached to the base jacks and all connection points have been brought to the same height, up to four scaffold beams can be connected to one cup each. The cup connections are usually 50 cm apart, so you have enough room for different constructions.

The Cuplock connection itself consists of a lower cup fixed to the standard and an upper, movable cup. Ledgers and transoms of a Cuplock scaffold have T-shaped hooks. To attach them to the scaffold standard, they are first hooked into the lower fixed cup. Then the movable cup is pushed onto the upper hook of the ledger or transom and tightened by hand. Finally, the connection is fixed again with 3 - 4 well-aimed hammer blows. Diagonals can also be installed in this way.


The Cuplock node point using the Scafom-rux DURALOK scaffolding system as an example


The advantages and areas of application of Cuplock modular scaffolds

As is typical for system scaffolding, the node points are already prefabricated so that time-consuming individual measuring and adjustment of the connections of the scaffold beams and standards is not necessary. This ensures a reduction in possible errors and thus faster and at the same time safer scaffold assembly.

Another advantage of Cuplock scaffolds is the manageable number of scaffolding components required for a standard scaffold. To assemble our DURALOK modular scaffolding with Cuplock connection for example, all you need are

  1. Base jacks
  2. Standard with Cuplock node point
  3. Ledgers / Transoms
  4. Vertical Diagonals
  5. Scaffolding decks
  6. Stairs / Ladders

Loose parts that could easily get lost or even fall off the scaffolding during assembly do not even exist in a Cuplock modular scaffold. This saves losses and valuable time when organising your warehouse. In addition, all scaffolding components are hot-dip galvanised and thus particularly well suited for long-term use even under harsh environmental conditions. You can read more about the advantages of galvanised scaffolding in our blog article on the subject.

Last but not least, the great strengths of Cuplok modular scaffolds such as DURALOK include their high load-bearing capacity and versatility. DURALOK can, for example, be used both as a scaffolding system and as a shoring system. Due to these properties, this type of scaffolding is used not only in the construction of high-rise buildings, but also in bridge and tunnel construction, shipbuilding, chemical plants, refineries, the preservation of monuments, and more.

Are you interested in investing in a Cuplock scaffold? Download our product brochure for more information.


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