Advantages of mixing-approved scaffolding systems


Advantages of mixing-approved scaffolding systems

Clearly, when buying or renting a scaffold, the price plays an important role for you. But you also know that whether a scaffolding system is a good investment for you cannot be determined by the mere number. The versatility of the scaffolding system's applicability, components that can be used system-independently, but also the ability to mix material from one manufacturer with material from another have great advantages for you and your wallet. The latter in particular increases your flexibility when purchasing or renting scaffolding material, as you are no longer tied to a single manufacturer. If you pay attention to a few things, you can still rely on the quality and safety of your scaffolding system. We will now explain to you the advantages of investing in mixing-approved scaffolding material and what you have to bear in mind when using them in a scaffolding assembly.


What do you need to know as a scaffold user?

Mixing scaffolding material does not affect your safety if done with care. You should make sure that the scaffolding material you want to use is also officially approved for mixing. For example, our RINGSCAFF scaffolding system has three DIBt approvals for mixing with ringlock scaffolding systems from other manufacturers:



Assuming you want to mix your Layher Allround scaffolding system with RINGSCAFF material, you can do so without hesitation thanks to the mixing approval of Ringscaff. Both scaffolding systems have, for example, the DIBt approval Z-8.22-869 and Z-8.22-64 respectively.  In order to obtain the mixing approval Z-8.22-901, the combined components were put through their paces by the DIBT as an externally recognised institute in an elaborate procedure, which means that from a technical point of view there is nothing against a mixed scaffolding assembly. Thanks to the mixing approval, you receive both a safe scaffold and the certainty that you can use it in accordance with the applicable safety regulations. In the mixing approval itself, you will also find the data that you should observe when erecting your scaffold. If you want to know more about how scaffolding approvals and certificates can help you in your everyday work, click here.


Your advantages when investing in mixing-approved scaffolding systems

Advantage 1: You are independent

Of course, you can always faithfully buy your scaffolding systems and material from one and the same scaffolding manufacturer can be done, but reality is often different. There are numerous manufacturers on the market from whom you can buy or rent the scaffolding products you need - provided you can combine them with your existing scaffolding systems. This makes you independent of a single scaffolding supplier and allows you to choose the scaffolding manufacturer with the best price-performance ratio, service and delivery capability. This is also a great advantage if you urgently need scaffolding material and the manufacturer of your scaffolding system cannot deliver the desired quantity in time.


Advantage 2: You are flexible

Your second advantage follows on directly from the first: if you invest in mixing-approved scaffolding material, you increase your flexibility. Not only can you optimise the erection of your scaffolding and make it more versatile, but you are also better prepared for peaks in demand. In such cases, it often makes sense to buy or rent additional scaffolding material, but mixable scaffolding material can also help you.

If, for example, you run out of your scaffolding material from one particular scaffolding supplier in the event of a particularly high order situation, or if it is needed elsewhere for longer than planned, then you do not necessarily have to reorder additional scaffolding material from the same scaffolding supplier. Instead, simply combine your scaffolding assembly with the certified material you already have in stock. This way, you not only have enough scaffolding material in stock for an entire RINGSCAFF assembly, but you can also use it in scaffolding systems from other manufacturers with a clear conscience.


Advantage 3: More innovation on the market

The engineers of scaffolding suppliers are always coming up with something new to make scaffolding systems even better and more efficient. One of the main reasons for this is probably the competition on the market. So, if you can combine scaffolding material from different suppliers within one system and thus always choose between the scaffolding suppliers, innovations in scaffolding are also driven forward. After all, every scaffolding supplier wants to offer you the best and most innovative scaffolding product. This also gives you the choice between ever-improving products.


Successful practical example of a scaffold assembly with a mix of components from certified systems


To sum up, you cannot really go wrong with having certified mixable scaffolding material in your stock. Having scaffolding material in your stock that can be mixed with other scaffolding systems has many economic and practical advantages for you. Scafom-rux also holds mixing approvals for our scaffolding products. Click the button below to download an overview of our certified RINGSCAFF modular scaffold.


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