5 reasons to use a ringlock system scaffold


5 reasons to use a ringlock system scaffold

Ringlock scaffolding can be considered one of the most modern scaffolding systems in the world. In our last blog post, we explained the design and application areas of a modular scaffold with ringlock connection. But for whom and why is this type of modular scaffolding exactly the right one? In fact, there are many good reasons to use a ringlock scaffold like RINGSCAFF. We have summarised 5 of them for you here.

1. The ringlock scaffold offers you a high degree of flexibility and versatility

With a ringlock modular scaffold, you can not only set several angles at the same time with just one connection point, but it is also particularly sustainable for you. For example, with RINGSCAFF scaffolding material you can not only build complex scaffolding, but also roofs with spans of up to 40 metres, shoring or construction site protection. So the investment pays off several times over.

For particularly creative scaffolders, RINGSCAFF can theoretically even be used to build a car... not entirely serious, of course. You don’t think so? Then watch the video here.

2. Reduced working time and errors during scaffold assembly

One of the core advantages of the ringlock scaffolding type is the fast erection and dismantling times. Ledgers and diagonals can be fixed to the rosette connector with just a few hammer blows. This not only saves time, but also manpower. And this applies not only to scaffold assembly and dismantling but also to maintenance tasks such as cleaning the material. This is particularly easy and quick thanks to the flat shape of the rosette connector. At the same time, a ringlock modular scaffold is less error-prone than the traditional tube and clamp scaffold, for instance, because of the prefabricated connection points. So you get a safe scaffold with less effort.

3. You can not only assemble and dismantle a ringlock scaffold quickly, but also store it in a space-saving way

The ringlock connection not only allows you to erect and dismantle your scaffolding in record time, but you also do not have to worry much about how to store and transport the scaffolding material. In this respect, you benefit from the fact that a ringlock scaffold like RINGSCAFF consists of only a few individual parts. They are also designed in such a way that they are particularly easy to stack. The typical RINGSCAFF notches on the outer edge of the rosette also ensure that the uprights cannot roll away easily.

4. A ringlock scaffold is designed to bear high loads

Even if things get a bit rough on the construction site, you don't have to worry about your RINGSCAFF scaffolding. Not only is the scaffolding material hot-dip galvanised and therefore particularly durable and resistant to environmental impact, but the load bearing capacity is also particularly high. A RINGSCAFF scaffold can bear up to 6 kN per m2. This doesn't mean much to anyone who hasn't just completed a degree in physics. In practice, this means that you can store large amounts of heavy material such as prefab concrete materials on your Ringscaff scaffolding. Because of this high load-bearing capacity, RINGSCAFF is also used as a shoring solution.

5. Mixing approvals for even more flexibility

The ringlock connection method is justifiably popular among scaffolders. That is why there are several manufacturers for this type of scaffolding on the market. If you want to work particularly economically while remaining flexible, you should make sure that the ringlock scaffolding you want to invest in is officially approved for mixing with scaffolding material from different manufacturers. For example, you can mix RINGSCAFF material with three other systems without hesitation, as it is officially approved by DIBT. You can use up to two scaffolding systems at the same time in combination with Ringscaff material without requiring a structural analysis. You can read more about the advantages of modular scaffolding with mixing approval in our blog article on this topic. All approvals and Certificates for Scafom-rux RINGSCAFF can be found in our Download Center.

Modular scaffolds with ring connection have established themselves on the global market and are among the most frequently used modular scaffolds. Find out more about our RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding system with ring connection in our product brochure.


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