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Separation of Yunnan rental and production business

Scafom-rux first production site in Yunnan, China, is now called Hercules Construction. With the separation of our production and rental business in Yunnan, we are happy to provide maximum transparency of our management and organisation.

New office in Singapore

Scafom-rux products and services have been already available for customers in the Asia-Pacific region for a long time, and now we are even closer to our rapidly growing customer base. With the opening of our new office in Singapore on May 3rd we are proud to be a vital part of the rapidly growing Asian market.

RINGSCAFF scaffolding with sway compensation

Imposing modular scaffolding with a mathematical challenge:
Temperature fluctuations of the object affect statics

Material storage on the second floor

No space due to inner city location? Building material can also be stored on the building as is the case here in Zurich.

Multi-storey car park renovation in Gießen – with SCAFFGUARD

The scaffolding company Velten put up 1,250 square metres of SCAFFGUARD cladding material by scafom-rux to enable protection against dirt, spray and noise during the renovation of a multi-storey car park in Gießen.

SCAFFGUARD: Effective protection against dust and noise on Munich’s Innenstadtring

A dust and noise protection solution was needed for a large construction site on Munich’s Innenstadtring. The scaffolding company Krämer found what they needed – SCAFFGUARD by scafom-rux.

Looking ahead!

Hagen Scaffolding Forum 2020/21 finally cancelled

Spectacular scaffolding solution in Hannover

The scaffolding company Schmiedt based at Kobern-Gondorf near Koblenz put up scaffolding around the Anzeiger-Hochhaus in Hannover and added a MULTI-ROOF on top.