Scafom-rux stories

Why 07 dimensions actually?

Have you ever thought about why scaffolding is available in 07 dimensions of all things? While the metric dimension is more or less self-explanatory, the 07 dimension must first be investigated. Find out here what is behind it.

BIM in scaffolding

Have you already come across BIM? BIM is a digital method that improves communication in project planning and provides you with better planning reliability. Countries like the US, UK or Germany already made it mandatory for public infrastructure projects. Read more about BIM and how scaffolding can benefit from it here.

How technical support improves your project planning

Even the most experienced scaffolder sometimes needs a little help when it comes to planning complex scaffolding projects. Good to know that Scafom-rux offers technical support to take up every challenge with you. Read more about how your scaffolding project benefits from your scaffolding producer's technical support here.

Buy or rent scaffolding material?

Did you know that you cannot only buy but also rent scaffolding material from Scafom-rux at flexible conditions? Read more about why renting scaffolding directly from the manufacturer could be a great option for your next project.

The evolution of scaffolding

With a total of over 50 years of experience in the scaffolding business, Scafom-rux is part of the constant evolution of scaffolding design. Read more about the development of the scaffolding and what to expect from future scaffolding solutions here.

The benefits of scaffold product approvals and certificates

Certificates and approvals are proof of the high quality and reliability of our scaffolding products. These are put through their paces in extensive tests and inspections by independent authorities to ensure your safety when working on the scaffold. But they also have other advantages for you in practice.

What you need to know about TRBS 2121

TRBS 2121, short for German "Technical rules for industrial safety", tightens up safety standards for handling work equipment, including scaffolds. Find out how TRBS 2121 improves your safety in scaffolding and how you can apply it in this post.

Raw material shortage: What are the causes?

The current shortage of raw materials has preoccupied many scaffolding manufacturers and customers for some time now, as it is the cause of extended delivery times and increased material prices. But why does this happen? We want to answer the question about the background of the material shortage.

Recent market developments for raw materials and transport

In the last couple of months, many leading scaffolding manufacturers as well as other providers of construction materials had to increase the prices of their products. The reason given: the soaring prices of raw materials. We want to explain to you what exactly has happened on the market recently and how the prices for steel, wood, and transport have developed.