Three to-dos for scaffolders in winter

Freezing cold, frigid wind, icy scaffolding decks - winter is not likely to win the race for the scaffolder's favourite season. But there are some measures you can take to make your work as safe and pleasant as possible. We have summarised here how you can now combat your new adversaries, ice and cold.

Height rescue: what to do after a fall from the scaffold

When working on scaffolding, safety is of top priority. But despite all safety precautions, you should always be aware of the danger of a possible fall from the scaffold. Even if a fall is arrested by PPE, the accident victim must first be rescued from it before the danger is completely averted. That's why it's important that you and your team are prepared for an emergency. Read here what you need to know about fast and safe height rescue.

What do you need to know about PPE inspections?

Although the use of PPE can help to reduce the number of accidents with serious or even fatal outcomes, it can also involve risks that you should be aware of. In particular, the wear and tear of individual parts can quickly become a safety risk. The good news is that you can prevent this. We explain how to do that here.

Staying safe when working at height: means of accident prevention

Scaffolding systems today are safer than ever. Technical protective equipment such as TRBS 2121-compliant advanced guardrails or personal protective equipment against falls from a height (PPE) help to significantly reduce the risk of serious accidents in scaffolding. But, as always, good preparation is and remains indispensable. Here you can read about the measures you can take to avoid serious accidents in scaffolding and to prepare yourself for an emergency.

What to keep in mind before using PPE

PPE, short for personal protective equipment against falls from a height, is always a must when technical and organisational measures cannot be implemented sufficiently. When used correctly, PPE, for example in the form of a safety harness, ensures that you are slowed down or caught in the event of a fall. Read here what you should know before using PPE.

Scaffolding in autumn - 5 things that you should bear in mind

Like every other season, autumn also holds its own challenges for you in scaffolding. And as is often the case, preparation is everything. We take this as an opportunity to provide you with an overview of what you should definitely bear in mind during the golden season.

Why scaffold rental pays off? – Answers from our rental expert

Our scaffold rental expert, Stephan Winterhoff, explains the advantages of scaffold rental for the customer, the influence of the current price fluctuations for raw materials on the rental business and why this is precisely what makes scaffold rental particularly attractive at the moment.

Inspections of scaffolds - what you need to know

No matter how safe a scaffolding system is from a technical point of view, it must not only be erected professionally, but also inspected regularly. In many countries, an inspection of the scaffolding by an appropriately trained person is obligatory. Especially if you are new to the scaffolding trade, it is not necessarily clear from the beginning which rules you have to follow. We have compiled a list of how such an inspection is carried out and what you must observe.

Advantages of mixing-approved scaffolding systems

When buying or renting a scaffold, the price plays a decisive role for you. But you also know that whether a scaffolding system is a good investment for you cannot be determined by the mere number. For example, investing in mixing-approved scaffolding systems not only increases your flexibility but ultimately also saves money. We have summarised the advantages of a scaffolding system approved for mixing here.

How to become a scaffolder

Are you interested in an exciting job with lots of variety? Then scaffolder might be just the right job for you. No scaffolding project is exactly like another and always requires a lot of know-how. Read here how to actually become a scaffolder and what career prospects you can expect.

Why 07 dimensions actually?

Have you ever thought about why scaffolding is available in 07 dimensions of all things? While the metric dimension is more or less self-explanatory, the 07 dimension must first be investigated. Find out here what is behind it.

BIM in scaffolding

Have you already come across BIM? BIM is a digital method that improves communication in project planning and provides you with better planning reliability. Countries like the US, UK or Germany already made it mandatory for public infrastructure projects. Read more about BIM and how scaffolding can benefit from it here.