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Beginner's guide to scaffolding types: the ringlock modular scaffold

Cuplock, Kwickstage, Ringlock, you name it – there are numerous connection methods and types of modular scaffolds. Scafom-rux highly versatile modular scaffolding system RINGSCAFF, for example, belongs to the ringlock scaffolding type, also called ring scaffold or rosette scaffold. The RINGSCAFF scaffold can thus not only be erected quickly, but is also extremely resilient. Of course, the "old hands" in scaffolding have been familiar with this for a long time. But as a newbie, you first have to get an overview of the different systems and types of modular scaffolding. Read here how a ringlock modular scaffold is composed and what advantages its connection method has.

How to assemble a scaffold inside an LNG carrier? - Project example [Part 2]

In last week’s post, we introduced you to the challenges the team of Scafom-rux’ client GABADI S.L. faced when assigned with the task of replacing the entire membrane of a 215-meter-long LNG-carrier. A working platform made of 800 tonnes of RINGSCAFF material had to be erected inside the tank for this purpose. Find out here how the scaffolders dealt with the difficult material supply, the octagonal shape of the tank and the sensitive membrane material, and what special role rented material played in the process.